What makes Elite Portable Toilets Special?

We’d like to introduce you to the Elite Portable Toilet!

What makes this portable restroom solution so great? Read on and we’ll tell you…

Flushable Toilet

The Elite Portable Toilet is not your standard porta john. This special porta potty has a flushing toilet. While it doesn’t flush in the same manner that your home toilet would, a pedal allows users to flush down waste and paper. The result is a bathroom experience that’s more pleasant on the eyes because users don’t have to see what other people have left behind. The act of flushing also makes the unit feel a little less like a porta potty and a little more like an indoor bathroom.


Another feature that you wouldn’t typically find in a porta potty is a sink. Most portable toilets usually just have a hand sanitizer pump, and while the Elite Unit has this as well, it adds a small fresh water sink to its list of features. The small sink is conveniently located between the urinal and toilet for easy access. Stocked with soap and paper towels, the sink adds a reassurance that using the unit is just as sanitary as using a normal indoor bathroom, which is important at events where eating is occurring.

Small Touches

Little things like a mirror, shelving, and a coat hook make the Elite Portable Toilet great for parties and weddings – giving guests the chance to set their items down and freshen up inside. These small touches add extra functionality without taking away from the interior space, allowing plenty of room for parents to take their children to the bathroom.

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