Put on the Perfect Event With Kerkstra’s Portable Toilet Rental

Let us remove the distractions of a negative restroom experience and make your event guests say, “Wow!” Although portable bathroom rentals may not be your top priority when it comes to planning an event, your event will always be our top priority. Let us handle the portable toilets for your event, and you take care of the fun stuff.

Kerkstra services in action

Let us handle your portable restrooms

Proper porta potty placement means your guests won’t wander off in search of a restroom before the main event or spend a lot of time waiting for the only bathroom on the block. Luxury Restroom Trailers keep your event VIPs comfortable in any season and are a great choice for large events with options from 2 up to 10 users at a time. Whether you are planning a graduation party or a music festival, Kerkstra is happy to help you put on the perfect event.

Tell us what you’re planning and we’ll get you a quote within 24 hours, or call (616) 662-2677 for immediate assistance.

How many do I need?

If you are planning an event, it is a good idea to make sure you have  at least one portable bathroom. Grand Rapids, MI, residents can count on Kerkstra Services for planning assistance. Simply let us know what you’re planning and we can advise which product would suit your needs. We’ve created a handy chart to help you plan your order. Use this chart to approximate how many units you will need.

  Number of Hours for Event
  1 3 6 10
Guests Units Needed
50 1 1 1 2
100 1 1 2 3
250 1 2 3 6
500 2 3 5 12
1000 3 4 10 24
5000 11 18 46 116

Estimated Number of Attendees:

Length of Event (in Hours):

Food and Drink?

Estimated Toilet Amount:


G. Kendall K.

Outstanding job at Wheatland this year. I never saw a dirty stall, and they all had paper. Thanks!
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Dawne S.

Kerkstra really came through for us at our first event this year, and they are again coming through for the next three. Great customer service! I look forward to continuing to utilize their services.
Testimonial - Overlay

Adam E.

At week one of Electric Forest, the restrooms were kept in the best condition I have ever seen at a large music festival. These guys were out there 24/7 maintaining the porta potties as best as they could. Absolutely impressed!
Testimonial - Overlay

Nikki R.

These bathrooms made my whole life at a festival! Thank you! Marty was super nice to run into at the Women’s Expo!
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Trey A.

Saw the Kerkstra crew running around at Electric Forest all weekend, and their hard work shows! Every one of their units was much cleaner than I expected at an event that size, and the in-unit hand sanitizer was a huge plus.
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Brenda V.

These guys are awesome! They do Electric Forest and the fancy, air-conditioned trailer restrooms are one of the reasons I go VIP. They are immaculate and very well maintained. The in-unit hand sanitizer was a huge plus.
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