Planning an Outdoor Christmas Party

A Christmas party outdoors? It can be done! Planning an outdoor Christmas party is not just for people in warm weather regions. Snow dwellers can plan outdoor winter parties too! In fact, outdoor Christmas parties in Michigan are the newest fad. Check out our guide to making a memorable Christmas party:


Base your Christmas party around a fun activity like a bonfire with hotdogs and smores. Get athletic by incorporating cross country skiing or snowshoeing. Take it bigtime with fat bikes or snow mobiles. Or just kick back and relax with a bunch of people, drinks, and a hot tub. Winter grilling competitions are always fun too because the lure of good food staves off the cold. The possibilities are endless! Go crazy with it – planning an outdoor christmas party should be fun!

Alternatively, you can wait until after the holidays have a Christmas tree burning party! (Obviously, make sure to only burn real trees, not artificial plastic ones.)

You can make your Christmas party as family friendly as you’d like by selecting the right activity and start time to encourage guests to bring their kids along as well. Including fun outdoor crafts or outdoor winter kids games can also up the family fun. Even if you don’t have kids in attendance, there’s nothing to stop the adults from jumping on sleds, organizing an epic snowball fight, or engaging in another childhood pastime.


The right food can make any party great! Include winter comfort foods to keep guests in the spirit. Themed appetizers, entrees, and drinks can make the event especially memorable. And if all else fails, include a bunch of desserts to satisfy the sweet tooth in each guest. Afterall, Christmas is the perfect time of the year to showcase delicious cookies and other baked goods. Don’t have any baking skills? No problem! Hire a bakery to create the sweets that will wow your guests and send them home feeling like Santa. Include some hot chocolate and other steamy beverages and you’ve got yourself a winning recipe!


Don’t forget the bathrooms! The last thing you’ll want is guests traipsing inside your home with wet boots and making a big mess. Provide outdoor restrooms to keep the fun outside as much as possible. You can choose from porta potties or luxury portable restroom trailers. While standard porta potties are a no-frills bathroom solution, luxury restrooms have climate-controlled interiors, flushing toilets, and running hot water to give guests a place to do their business and stay comfortable. Restroom trailers are also a better solution for families. They’re easier for kids to use because they mimic home bathrooms so effectively, which gives them a big thumbs up from parents everywhere.

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