How are GAP Portable Restrooms Different?

The risk of food contamination by growers and packers is high. As a result, the GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) program was implemented. The goal of GAP is to ensure the quality and safety of produce to eliminate the opportunity for food contamination to occur before it ever happens to keep consumers safe. GAP process adoption has created the need for GAP portable restrooms. For more information, please visit G.A.P. Explained.

One aspect of GAP is regulating the sanitary use of restrooms and handwashing protocols by growers, pickers, and processors. We provide GAP portable restrooms for this very application. But if you are wondering what sets GAP solutions apart from traditional portable toilets, here are the four main differences:


While regular porta potties just sit on the ground directly, GAP-specific toilets are available in either ground units or trailer units. The GAP trailer units allow for easy movement between locations and into tight spaces. This is crucial for farmers that need to move them around their land as different crops are planted and picked. Without this mobility, growers and pickers would have to walk a long way to use the bathroom and would be less likely to keep up with sanitary regulations.


GAP restrooms are not just toilet units, they also include sinks on the exterior. These sinks allow for more thorough handwashing than just using hand sanitizer. Additionally, their standalone location outside the toilet area keeps them cleaner and allows for public usage, encouraging people to wash their hands after using the bathroom or eating.


Like any other unit, GAP bathrooms are regularly serviced by a professional portable portable toilet supplier. However, unlike other porta potties, these units have service records to provide documentation for compliance. During servicing, units are pumped and cleaned and the supplies like paper towels and soap are restocked.


GAP toilet units have special signage directing people on how to follow specific protocols properly. These signs are also bilingual (in English and Spanish) to allow for greater understanding.

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