Ode to a Porta Potty

An ode to a porta potty? You got that right! …Hear us out, we’re not crazy.

Something strange has been happening over the last year and here at Kerkstra Services we’re in the perfect position to witness it firsthand. People miss porta potties. Don’t laugh. It’s true.

A guy named Alex Cortez even wrote an article titled Ode to The Porta-Toilet about how much he will be missing the portable restrooms at Mardi Gras this year. He shares some funny memories and hilarious names for porta johns. It’s great, you should read it if you have time!

And while this guy may be the only one to have publicly written about his love for porta potties and how much he misses them right now, a lot of people are feeling it. And, if you’re being honest with yourself, you probably feel it too.

The humble porta potty, that was once looked down on as an inferior restroom solution compared to luxury restroom trailers and traditional indoor options, is now being missed. It’s not the plastic walls or the blue liquid filled bowl that people are yearning for these days. It’s the meaning behind a portable toilet that people miss. They miss large outdoor gatherings – the kinds of community celebrations and traditions that they look forward to year after year. They miss parties and festivals and fundraisers. It’s about togetherness. Here in Michigan, we especially miss these kinds of gatherings because they have been shut down for almost a year now and we long for a time when they’ll back in full swing.

A Poem About Porta Potties

So, we’re going to try our hand at our own ode to honor porta potties in poem form. (We’re the top portable toilet supplier in West Michigan, not a bunch of poets, so don’t judge us too critically.)

Ode to a Porta Potty
Porta potties in a lineup rise above the fray
Serving people throughout the long day.
Bright sun and laughter that rings out
A band taking the stage gives fans a shout.
The young and the old, some random tie-dye t-shirt guy
Sheepishly stand in line and offer the occasional “hi.”
Waiting to do their business and get back to the fun
Entering and exiting one by one.
A urinal and toilet with no handle to flush
Makes things easy when you’re in a rush.
Inside going #1 or #2
Be careful not to step in anything with your shoe.
Hand sanitizer gel keeps hands clean
And a tiny little mirror to help you preen.
Enjoying libations without a care
Knowing that beige plastic box will always be there.

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