Event Planning in 2021: What Will You Do?

Event planning data makes it clear that once people are able to gather again in large groups, that they’ll be jumping at the opportunity to do so. So, what’s next for event planning in 2021?

We aggregated what we’ve been hearing from professional event planners in West Michigan that typically rent our luxury portable toilets to give you a sense of what’s coming next. So, what kinds of shindigs you can expect to be invited to or see happening in your area in the future?


People didn’t stop tying the knot during the pandemic, they just largely stopped celebrating their nuptials in traditional ways, with big ceremonies and receptions. Instead, couples had gatherings in private, planned micro weddings, or postponed wedding receptions entirely. The wedding scene will pick up again, with delayed receptions finally happening and weddings going bigger and better than ever before to make up for the stress of needing to wait.

Private Parties

With the kinds of big families that we have here in West Michigan, private functions have still been happening under the radar, especially around major holidays. Lifting restrictions will pave the way for these. We expect these kinds of family gatherings and parties with friends to really take off. Private parties are going to be happening in full force once health concerns have been mitigated. People that love entertaining have been bottling up all their creative juices all this time and will let it loose for event planning in 2021. So, expect to be invited to some really exceptional parties.


Nonprofits are hurting for funds and will need to ramp up their fundraising efforts in the coming years. Since people tend to be more generous with their donations when they’re emersed in an environment of giving, these kinds of functions will certainly go back to their in-person versions. Expect fundraisers to be bigger and better than before to encourage significant charitable giving.

Community Festivals

Art, music, and cultural festivals are coming back to gather people around shared interests. Over the summer we’ll likely see lots of outdoor festivals bringing the community together again. With the rise in popularity of to-go food options during the pandemic, we’ll likely see more food trucks and carry-out options than traditional catering for these events.  

Food and Beverage-Related Gatherings

Get ready to get your eating on! Beer, wine, kombucha, tacos, mac and cheese, burgers, ice cream, chocolate… You name it and there will likely be events centered around it again in the coming years. (Okay, so we made a few of those possible festivals up, but there’s no harm in hoping, right?) Michigan does food and beverage festivals like no place else in the country. We’re all excited to see these come back again. Right now craft beer gatherings are always happening somewhere if you look hard enough. But these will become more mainstream again as temperatures warm up and health concerns diminish.

Professional Gatherings

Professional meetups and networking events will likely start up again at least somewhat in the next year or so. Smaller gatherings will likely get the ball rolling, with larger events happening afterwards. The appetizer buffet may take a long time to make an appearance again. However, the professional meeting over food and drink isn’t dead. Expect gatherings with colleagues to be a lower key for now while people get comfortable being around strangers again.   


Conventions around both personal and professional topics have been canceled. This has left people without in-person access to the communities that they’re usually plugged into. Conventions are slowly going to start coming back as well, likely with significant precautions at least for a while. But fear not, your favorite hobby, essential work software, or industry gathering is on the one or two-year horizon.

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