How to Avoid a Scheduling Conflict with Your Large Event

Here at Kerkstra we’ve definitely seen our share of large events delivering portable toilets and luxury restroom trailers all across Michigan, which is why we know that the worst thing that can happen is a low turnout. If you’re planning a large event, you want to make sure that your hard work pays off by attracting lots of attendees (especially if it’s a paid event). Whether you’re planning a community gathering, a music festival, a big wedding, or any other get together, these tips will help you avoid a scheduling conflict:

Consult Key Guests

If you have a way to communicate with your VIP guests, ask them which dates and times work best for their schedules in advance. You can email executive employees for corporate events, poll existing customers for in-store events, and set up an online survey for local community events to determine when to have your gathering. This will give you a better chance of getting more of them in attendance and will put your event on their radar so that they can schedule accordingly.

Check Community Event Calendars

The last thing you want to do is plan your event for the same day as another popular event in your area. Making your event compete for attendees with other big local happenings means that you’ll lose at least some people that would otherwise have been in attendance. It also means that any advertising that you do leading up to the event may end up being overshadowed if the other event organizer has a bigger marketing budget.

Respect Holiday Plans

Holding events on major holidays or over holiday weekends only works if the event has something to do with the holiday (like a Fourth of July picnic and fireworks show or Turkey Trot run). Otherwise, your event will conflict with people’s normal celebration of the holiday with friends and family. This is why wedding planners often advise against scheduling a wedding on a major holiday to respect guests’ plans.

Consider Your Target Audience

Think about who you want to come to your event and then pick a date and time that works well for them as a demographic. For instance, if you want to attract families with young kids, don’t have your event start too late or run for too short of a period of time, otherwise it may conflict with bedtimes or nap schedules, limiting attendance.

Use Past Dates

If the event that you’re planning is an annual event, lean on when you’ve had it before. For instance, if you typically have your event on the first Saturday in December, assume that your guests are expecting your event to take place at that time again this year and don’t stray too far from that normal date. This gives regular attendees the opportunity to plan well in advance so that they can come out to your event again.

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