10 Things to Do Before You Say ‘I Do’

A wedding is a joyous and wonderful occasion! But getting to your wedding day involves slogging through a lot of things that aren’t always fun. While there might not be anything glamorous or sexy about sitting down to talk numbers or plan your future together, couples that take the time to do these things are typically happier later on in their marriages. So if you’re putting together a giant to-do list of everything that needs to be finalized before your special day, don’t forget these ten essentials:

  1. Make a 5-Year Plan
  2. Okay, so you know you both want to see the world and have two kids – great! But do you know when you want to do these big things and how they’ll fit into your other plans like your career goals and desire to live close to family? Laying a roadmap for what you want the next five or ten years of your life to look like is an important way to ensure that you’re both on the same page. This way you won’t find yourselves feeling misled later when your spouse has a different idea for the timeframe of your shared life together.

  3. Pre-marriage Counseling
  4. Just like the 5-year plan, pre-marriage counseling is a great way to talk through your opinions, beliefs, and goals to align them with each other. While this is just a good idea on principle, it may also be a requirement depending on where you plan to get married. Planning well in advance will give you plenty of time to finish your counseling sessions before your big day so you’re not rushing to get through them all as other appointments and requirements pile up. This way you’ll be able to give the counseling the attention it deserves.

  5. Budget for Wedding Expenses
  6. These days many couples pay for their own weddings, which means that there’s the added stress of financial matters to account for during the planning stage. When setting the budget for your wedding, don’t forget the costs of other items as well like the rehearsal dinner and honeymoon.

  7. Sample Everything
  8. Before deciding on a cake, the dinner menu, wedding favors, or anything else, sample your options to get a clear idea of what you and your guests will be enjoying on your big day. Ensure that each item you select will be exactly what you want.

  9. Agree to Compromise
  10. Two people will always have a difference of opinion from time to time. Agreeing ahead of time to compromise on things that aren’t essential will spare a lot of conflict as your wedding day approaches. Just remember that it’s both people’s wedding day, which means that both should have a say in what that day looks like.

  11. Make Memories Along the Way
  12. Obviously your wedding day is the feature event, but the planning leading up to it is part of the journey as well. Have fun planning your wedding and enjoy the extra time you get to spend with your friends and family as they help you along the way.

  13. Share Your Day
  14. Letting your loved ones share in your big day is a wonderful way to make your wedding extra special. Giving the most important people in your life a place in your big event will make them feel honored and valued.

  15. Plan the Little Details
  16. It’s easy to forget about the little things like finding a luxury portable toilet supplier when you have big grand things to do like finding the perfect wedding dress. But without securing these details, your wedding won’t go off as planned. So, before you miss any small but important details, make a list of everything you’ll need and start checking off boxes!

  17. Say “Thank You”
  18. Don’t leave saying thank you for your wedding day because it’s easy to miss someone in all the excitement. Say thank you before you exchange vows to ensure that you’ll be able to extend heart-felt sentiment to everyone that’s most important to you.

  19. Get Away
  20. It might seem counterintuitive to plan a getaway before your wedding when you have a honeymoon coming up afterwards, but making time for yourself will help you keep your sanity. Get away for an evening or a weekend by yourself, with your soon-to-be spouse, or with a few close friends to relax and get your mind off of wedding planning. Then when you get back, you’ll be refreshed and ready to hit the ground running.

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