How Many Wedding Portable Toilets Do I Need?

A lot of people ask, “How many wedding portable toilets do I need?” but when it comes to a special event, you should always have more than you “need.” The last thing you want is for your big day to get ruined by a detail like failing to rent enough restrooms. Keep your guests enjoying the fun and making memories, instead of giving them a reason to complain over the bathroom options and availability.

How Many Porta Potties Should You Have?

We have a handy chart to help you determine how many porta potties you need for an event. Now, this chart shows that technically, you only need one porta potty per 50 people for a 3-hour event. But remember, that’s the bare minimum. For a longer event, this type of capacity is fine because usage is more spread out. But for a shorter event like a wedding, you want more bathrooms to keep lines short. That way guests don’t miss out on the fun!

How many more do you need? It never hurts to double the number of restrooms you think you’ll need. This allows you to reduce wait time and avoid a bottleneck if guests with children take more time. Keep in mind that the cost difference between renting two porta potties and four port potties is not huge. Plus, when renting wedding portable toilets, it’s possible that your portable toilet supplier will give you a deal on renting more units if it means that they can fill a truck with units since the truck must deliver them regardless of whether it’s full or not.

Luxury Portable Toilets

Another option is to consider renting a luxury restroom trailer instead of standalone porta potty units. A restroom trailer can not only provide guests with a place to use the bathroom. It also offers the types of amenities that are expected at a wedding. Restroom trailers add elegance and a wow-factor that everyone at your wedding will remember for years to come!

Bathroom trailer sizes are also versatile – allowing you to size up or down to fit your needs and desires. You can rent everything from 2-stall to 10-stall options for small, medium, and large weddings alike. They come in a wide variety of styles to fit different aesthetics as well.

Check out luxury restrooms for weddings to find the prefect option for your big day!

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