Porta Potties for Outdoor Events – Are They Essential?

Open air events call for portable toilets anyways, but their popularity has surged during COVID. Why are porta potties for outdoor events up in popularity these days?


Porta potties for outdoor events are potentially the cleanest choice in event restrooms these days.

Wait, porta johns are the cleaner option? Say what?!

Many event planners have opted for portable toilet rentals instead of using traditional restrooms. The reason is that they are easier to regularly sanitize than indoor restrooms that have more surfaces to clean. Event organizers can also clean units individually instead of needing to shut down an entire bathroom for cleaning like an inside bathroom would necessitate, making it possible to disinfect them more often.

Social Distancing

By keeping event goers outside instead of bringing them indoors to use the bathroom, they can socially distance more effectively in an environment that is deemed as less dangerous.

Some people feel more comfortable being in private spaces rather than shared spaces. Porta potties offer this kind of privacy. They provide users with a private space for doing their business instead of just a private stall inside a larger shared restroom where sinks and things are meant to be used simultaneously with others.

Reduced Staffing

Porta potties for outdoor events are one-person units by design. This eliminates the need to have staff to space people out and ensure that bathrooms are not over capacity limits. Instead, people self-separate by waiting for a unit and then entering it after the previous user has exited. This still may not seem like the perfect solution because someone else used it immediately before you. However, they can be cleaned regularly to keep them just as clean, if not cleaner, than regular bathrooms.

Public Use

For events that are being held in public spaces like community parks and city centers, portable toilets do double duty. They also allow people who are experiencing homelessness to use them after-hours. Cities often keep these restrooms around on a semi-permanent basis. That way they can serve nearby events and also offer options for people who are out on the streets overnight instead of in shelters.

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