4 Steps To Clean Portable Toilets

People ask us, “Are porta potties clean?” The short answer is yes. Every porta potty gets a thorough cleaning after or while at a longer event to ensure it arrives and stays clean, stocked, and ready to use. Here’s the process for cleaning a portable toilet:


The first step is pumping out the waste in the holding tank. We use a high-powered suction hose with a specialized nozzle to remove everything inside so that we can start with a clean slate. After this process, most of the smell associated with a porta-potty is gone. Now, with an empty and clean holding tank, we add new blue liquid. This chemical solution minimizes odors and effectively removes waste, keeping the unit more sanitary than a traditional outhouse.


The interior is doused in soapy water to ensure that nothing from the prior use remains. Then, we clean inside, getting dirt, toilet paper, waste, food, or anything else. Afterward, the result will be a squeaky-clean interior. The inside of the unit is designed with cleaning in mind. That means we minimize any cracks or pockets that attract anything hard to clean.


Armed with long rubber gloves and other protective equipment, we get to work. Using brushes, we scrub down all the surfaces inside the portable toilets to guarantee a clean unit. Then, we use a pressure washer or hose to spray off all the remaining soap residue. With one last wipe down, all excess water and grime are gone. 


After the portable toilet unit has been cleaned, toilet paper and hand sanitizer are restocked. For units with a sink, soap and hand towels will also be restocked. With a fresh restock, the unit is ready for its next event. 

This cleaning is done regularly at longer events or when portable toilets are permanently stationed somewhere. We ensure that each portable toilet is in good working order at festivals, along trails, and in parks. We recommend a servicing schedule accommodating the venue’s needs and expected usage.

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