Why are Porta Potties Important for Communities?

As a portable toilet supplier we don’t always get a whole lot of respect. The job we do is dirty and stinky and something that most people don’t really want to think about. But without the job that we do, things would be a whole lot dirtier and stinkier. How do we know? Because portable toilets are a fairly common sight in the US these days, but it wasn’t always that way. And in many areas of the world, it still isn’t that way. Find out why portable bathrooms are a staple for the kind of public health and decency standards we expect in our communities. Check out our new guide that answers the question, “Why are porta potties important?”

Basic Human Rights

Having a suitable place available to relieve yourself is a fundamental need. This is why human rights violations claims can occur when people are denied restroom, facilities. Many different segments of people from gig workers to migrants to truck drivers to prisoners have been denied access to bathrooms in recent history. And in each of these claims, the people affected described how they felt degraded and demoralized. This is enough reason for us to do the job that we do. We provide people with something that they simply shouldn’t be asked to go without.

When an event or an organization chooses not to offer restrooms or offers so few that it doesn’t meet the needs of the people they’re serving, that’s heartbreaking. People deserve better than having to relieve themselves in a parking lot, alleyway, or the woods. Simply put, bathrooms provide standard human decency.

Comfort & Cleanliness

We’ve talked about times when portable bathrooms are the only acceptable way to provide a place to do your business. But there are also times when portable toilets provide a better option than what would be available otherwise. In some cases, porta johns are brought in to offer an upgrade to the facilities that would otherwise be available. Some examples would be when tent camping at a remote campsite, when staying at a rustic cabin in the woods, or when getting married at an old historical farm venue. In these case regular porta potties provide a clean, safe, sheltered area to use the bathroom instead of the on-site alternative. The result is a more comfortable and cleaner bathroom option.

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Preventing Disease

Throughout history public health measures have improved, reducing widespread illness from human excrement. But that’s not to say that it has been eliminated entirely. Every year viruses affect a multitude of people during cold and flu season. But providing well-stocked portable bathroom facilities for people to use when they’re outdoors aims to minimize this as much as possible.

In the wake of current events, sickness remains a top concern for event organizers. This is another reason why porta potties are so important. Event organizers often provide not only bathrooms but also hand sanitizer pumps and hand washing stations. The goal is to create a sanitary environment while people enjoy themselves to keep people from getting sick. Whether it’s a festival, community event, or even just a nearby park or trail, porta potty rentals help improve public health.

Serving the Underserved

While many of us think of porta potties in conjunction with outdoor events, people experiencing homelessness use them to meet those basic needs we talked about earlier. In fact, people without a home or shelter to stay in may even use portable bathrooms as a place to get out of the elements when it’s cold or raining to get a break from the realities of life on the street. Some cities have public ordinances to prevent this type of use, while others provide restrooms to ensure that the city’s homeless population has a place to go to the bathroom and clean their hands whenever they need to in case they cannot get to a shelter. This seems like a very important way to make a difference in a local community, and we are proud to serve all people regardless of means.

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