Porta Potties vs. Restroom Trailers

If you’re planning an event and looking into your portable restroom service options, you’ve likely discovered both portable toilets and also restroom trailers for rent. What are the differences? How do you know which will serve your needs best? When you compare them side-by-side, which one will win out? We’re here to help answer those questions for you!

General Aesthetics

From an aesthetics perspective, luxury restroom trailers will always be the best way to go because they are outfitted with features and stylish décor that make them look like fancy men’s and women’s restrooms. The stalls, flushing toilets, sinks and furnishings are meant to make you forget that you’re using a portable restroom. These are the go-to choice for weddings and executive functions.
Winner: Luxury restroom trailers.

Hand Washing

No matter what kind of event you’re planning, you want people to be clean. This is especially important if people will be handling or consuming food. For this reason, most porta potties are outfitted with hand sanitizer pumps inside. Another popular option for sanitation with porta potties is to implement hand washing stations outside of the units. These not only allow people to properly wash their hands, but it frees up the bathroom unit for use by another person, which keeps lines shorter.

Luxury portable restroom trailers have sinks with running hot and cold water, which are easy and convenient to use. Some of them also have wood cabinetry and trim, which is visually appealing for guests.
Winner: It’s a tie.

Use & Versatility

Standard porta potties are outfitted with a toilet, urinal and hand sanitizer pump and are primarily just used for going to the bathroom (although the Elite Unit is larger than a standard bathroom unit and includes a small sink, mirror, shelves and coat hook). Portable restroom trailers, however, can also come equipped with showers. These luxury restrooms tend to be more spacious, allowing people to change and get ready for the event. For this reason, restrooms trailers are often seen as more versatile.
Winner: Usually luxury restroom trailers, but it depends which model you select.

Total Cost

If you have a lot of people attending your event, you may want to consider porta potties because they are more cost effective for very large crowds. For instance, if you are going to have 1,000 attendees for an 8 hour event, and want to use luxury restrooms, you will need the Fortress 10 stall trailer or a combination of several smaller trailers. For this same size crowd, you will only need 11 portable toilets, which are far less expensive on a per unit basis.
Winner: Porta potties.

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