How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Portable Restroom?

If you’re looking to rent a portable restroom for your next event, you’ve likely browsed your options online already. But one question is probably still going through your mind – “How much does it cost to rent a portable restroom?” We’ll break down what goes into event pricing for portable bathrooms so that you know what to expect.


The number guests at your event will determine the number of units that you need. As a general rule of thumb, 1 porta potty can accommodate 50 guests for a 3 hour event. So knowing how many people you expect at your event is key to determining how many units you’ll need. Obviously, having more units will increase the cost of the rental. However, there are sometimes volume discounts available for very large events. It’s worth talking to a portable toilet supplier about what the price breakdown will be at different quantities.

When it comes to luxury restroom trailers, the size of the unit will determine how many attendees it can accommodate but the average range is 350-1,000 for an 8-10 hour event. Trailers that include more stalls are generally more expensive because they can accommodate more people but you’ll also pay more for a trailer that includes showers. Some trailers also vary in their configurations (for example, having a separate men’s room with urinals instead of just individual unisex stalls). Knowing what kind of features you’ll want to use and which layout you’d prefer is helpful when determining which trailer to choose.


The duration of your event will also affect the cost to rent a portable restroom. Longer events cost more because they either require holding tanks to increase capacity, more units overall, or pumping out of units during the event. This is especially true with weekend or week-long events, where servicing and cleaning is needed to maintain effectiveness and sanitation for the entirety of the event. Discussing your portable restroom service needs with a professional will help you to determine which option will be best suited to your event’s logistics.


Within a normal service area location won’t usually play a factor in the cost. However, more remote locations or further destinations can sometimes incur an additional charge. Some portable restroom companies will charge an additional travel fee or location surcharge. This additional fee covers the cost of fuel and a driver’s time when bringing units further than normal.

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