Your Guide to Camping in Style this Fall

Traditional camping is great, but there’s a new trend in camping that will knock your socks off! “Glamping” (aka glamorous camping) is a trend on the rise, and its’ easy to see why. This stylish way to camp is fun for all ages and doesn’t require roughing it. So how can you camp in style this fall? Here are our top tips for a camping trip to remember:

Swanky Tents

Goodbye struggling as a family to get your tent poles firmly planted and your tent properly pitched. There are companies that will bring fancy tents to the site of your choosing and set them up for you. These tents come with great amenities like real beds, fans, stylish home décor, and even TVs so you can watch your favorite sports while outdoors! That sure beats getting wet or having your tent blow over in the middle of the night.

A Hassle-Free Fire

Sure, the old campfire is a camping staple, but it’s a real pain to have to construct a ring of stones and then collect the wood to start and maintain a fire. Instead, bring a portable fire pit with a cover to keep your fire under control. You can place a flammable fire starter log inside and get your campfire started instantly. The subsequent controlled burn will allow you to enjoy sitting by the fire throughout the evening without running to get more wood all the time.

Premium Meats

Forget the hotdogs! A premium camping experience calls for some premium steaks and other delicious foods. Since steak can be difficult to cook properly over a fire, bringing along a grill is a good way to ensure that you’ll get the best cook for the most delicious flavor on your foods. Another option is to bring a smoker so that you can make brisket and other smoked meats for sandwiches. The smell alone is enough reason to bring a smoker along.

Craft Beverages

Whether you’re bringing bottles of hand-crafted pop or local craft beer and spirits, sourcing the right beverages for your camping excursion will help set it apart. If you look for them, there are plenty of local breweries and distilleries that create delicious adult beverages as well as root beers and ginger ales so that you can offer an assortment of refreshing drinks to guests of various ages. Be sure that you keep beverages nice and cold and don’t forget the bottle opener!

Elegant Desserts

S’mores are a camping classic but they aren’t the only dessert that you can make while camping. You can also make individual molten lava chocolate cakes over the fire and other treats to finish off the evening. A simple way to create an elegant dessert is to bring a few types of melting chocolate (white, milk, dark, etc.) to create fireside fondue and let people dip their own fruit, brownies or cake. Kids are sure to love this idea because it lets them be creative!

Luxury Restrooms

Why be smelly or dirty while enjoying your camping paradise? With everything else about your camping experience being luxurious, your restrooms should be as well. This is why you need luxury restroom trailers that come complete with climate controlled interiors, flushing toilets, running hot/cold water, and even showers.

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