Winterizing Portable Toilets

Porta potties provide a convenient bathroom solution for jobsites and outdoor events year-round. Unfortunately, in the colder fall and winter months, they’re not always the most enjoyable to use. Plunging temperatures can lead to unpleasant experiences for workers and event goers, which is why the pros always advise winterizing portable toilets.

Using these winterization tips, you can ensure that your portable restrooms are ready to use in all temperatures:

Use the Sun

Placing porta potties where the sun can hit them is a convenient and natural solution to keeping them warm. While most people underestimate how much sunlight can affect the interior temperature of a portable toilet, it has a significant affect. (This is also why event organizers usually try to place portable toilets in the shade during the hot summer months.)

Block the Wind

When winterizing portable toilets the sun can only do so much to heat the inside of a portable restroom. High winds can cool off the exterior enough to thwart efforts to keep it warm. Situating portable toilets where they will be shielded from the wind provides a double benefit. This keeps them warmer and also reduces the risk of a tip over. Look for locations where buildings or trees can provide a wind break.

Place Under Cover

In areas where no direct sunlight is available place the unit where it will be shielded from rain, snow, and ice. Falling precipitation can enter through roof vents, resulting in an unpleasant experience for users. But more importantly, it can cool them off considerably. Additionally, as snow and ice build up on the outside, it creates a cooler-like effect, trapping cold air inside and keeping warmer air out as temperatures naturally fluctuate.

Generate Heat

Finding heat from natural sources and blocking out cooling influences are both great strategies. But depending on the outside air temperature, you may need to resort to additional measures as well. Using a small portable heater to warm the unit from inside can be an easy solution for keeping it warm and cozy. However, you should always use safe practices when placing a heater inside a closed area, especially one as small as a standard porta potty. Don’t use a heater that’s too big, or you risk having excess heat buildup, causing damage to the unit. Never use a gas-powered heater. The CO2 it gives off can reach dangerous levels within the enclosed space of a portable restroom.

Substitute a Restroom Trailer

Undoubtedly, the best cold weather portable restroom solution is a luxury restroom trailer. These climate-controlled portable bathrooms are a great choice for all weather conditions and climates. Their heated interiors protect users from the elements while other amenities like running hot water, flushing toilets, and overhead lighting combine to offer a truly superior user experience

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