Winter Portable Toilet Options Explained

Looking for portable restrooms this winter? If you have an upcoming event, you need to understand what your options are so that you can make the best decision for your event and your budget. Your winter portable toilet options include:

Luxury Restroom Trailers

Luxury portable toilets are the best option for winter events because they are climate controlled. This is the single biggest feature that sets them apart from regular porta potties in a way that users remember. Guests greatly appreciate being able to their business in a location that is warm and inviting.

Additionally, their spacious interiors provide a place for people to take care of other duties besides going to the bathroom. Changing clothes, cleaning up after outdoor physical activity, getting ready for a formal event, and changing diapers are all much easier in luxury restrooms than traditional portable toilets.

Since luxury restroom trailers are elevated, they are not affected by adverse weather like standard portable bathrooms. Their raised elevation makes them less prone to water, snow, and ice entering as people go in and out. The result is a safer and more comfortable use in winter weather.

Porta Potties

While luxury portable restrooms are the preferred winter portable toilet options for most event planners, budget, event size, or location restrictions may necessitate the use of porta johns instead.

If you plan to use standard portable toilets for your outdoor winter event, be sure to place them strategically. Shielding them from the wind will help them to stay warmer. Exposing them to sunlight can also make them far more pleasant to use. You’ll also want to ensure that they’re located near bright overhead lights. The reduced daylight hours during the winter means that attendees may be using them before/after the sun has set. That is difficult without the same interior lighting that luxury restroom trailers provide, so you’ll need to create that externally.

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