Winter Celebrations and Your Restroom Needs

The winter may seem like an odd time to need a portable bathroom, but the reality is that there are lots of events during colder months that may require luxury restroom trailers! Outdoor winter community events like an ice festival, holiday parade, polar bear plunge, or other cold-weather tradition will bring out crowds of people, requiring public restrooms for use. Private events like bonfires, holiday soirees, or Christmas tree burning parties may require outdoor restrooms for guests as well for convenience. And there are also times when a portable toilet supplier is needed in an emergency situation, like when pipes freeze at a church or school.

No matter why you need a portable bathroom, you can be sure that the unit(s) that you get from Kerkstra will be the right fit for your winter celebration for the following reasons:

Heated Units

Our luxury restrooms are upscale bathroom trailers that are climate controlled, which means that your attendees will have a nice warm place to use the bathroom. This is a big step up from old-fashioned outhouses or standard porta potties. The restroom trailers all have countertops around sinks as well for attendees to place mittens and hats on while using the facilities and mirrors for them to re-applied before going back out in the cold.

Adequate Lighting

With the sun going down so early during the winter it’s important to ensure that any bathrooms you provide have adequate light to allow them to be used safely. You don’t want someone falling and hurting themselves. Luxury portable toilets have enough lighting inside for people to feel comfortable using them even in the dark. Properly illuminating bathrooms also speeds up use by letting people get in and out efficiently, which means less waiting in line.

Convenient Location

Sometimes there are restrooms available for people to use that aren’t conveniently located for attendees. This is especially problematic in the cold weather because it can mean walking in snow and ice to get to and from facilities. By having a portable restroom service bring trailers to supplement the existing facilities, you can offer attendees a more suitable restroom solution.

Dependable Service

Even during the winter, you can expect the same reliable service as always from Kerkstra. We have many years of experience battling the weather to provide dependable service to our customers! Count on Kerkstra today!

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