Will My Wedding Guests Want to Use Portable Restrooms?

We could answer this question very simply with a definitive “Yes!” But don’t take our word for it, decide for yourself!
There are multiple options when it comes to wedding restrooms, so we’ll break down your choices. We won’t bore you with all of the specifics because if you’re planning a wedding, you probably have more important things to worry about (like bridesmaid dresses and centerpieces), but here’s the general overview to help you make a decision about which types of bathrooms you’ll need for your wedding:

Portable Toilets

Regular portable toilets (also called porta potties, porta johns, and porta janes) are the typical portable bathrooms that you have seen outdoors everywhere from public parks to summer carnivals to construction sites. These tend to be pretty average as far as portable bathrooms go. They usually house a toilet, urinal, and hand sanitizer dispenser. More decked out versions (like our Elite units) may actually have flushing toilets, a small sink with hand soap, a tiny mirror and shelves for personal belongings. From the outside these units tend to have that easily recognizable porta potty look and typically appear in colors like blue, green or orange.

These toilets can be used for everywhere from farms to construction zones to community events and everyplace in between! Typically for a wedding, you will want to choose one or more Elite units to offer guests a place to set their belongings (like purses, scarves, drinks, etc.) and more room to move around in bulkier attire (like suits, tuxes, long dresses, etc).

Restroom Trailers

Luxury restroom trailers are mobile trailers that are typically white or silver and resemble storage trailers. These trailers are basically high-end bathrooms on wheels. If someone blindfolded you and took you inside and then pulled off the blindfold you might think you were in a hotel or fancy restaurant. Luxury portable restrooms boast elegant décor like wooden cabinetry, hanging artwork, decorative rugs, and large mirrors. And their functionality is equally impressive as well! They include climate controlled and lit interiors, hot and cold running water, and flushable toilets for an experience that will make you forget you’re using a portable bathroom.

These toilets are typically used for outdoor weddings, black-tie occasions, private functions, fundraisers, concerts, and other special events. They are a great choice for weddings because they offer all of the modern conveniences of having an indoor wedding while still allowing your guests to enjoy the great outdoors.

Custom Combination

Using a combination of portable toilets and portable restroom trailers is a good way to provide tiered experiences for guests in many different situations. At a wedding you may want to rent portable toilets for your guests and then have a restroom trailer that is specifically for use by the wedding party so that they have somewhere to get ready before the event and freshen up for pictures. This is a good way to ensure that no one in the wedding party will end up having to wait in line and miss out on key wedding experiences like photo opportunities, celebratory toasts, first dances, throwing the bouquet, etc. Brides in particular enjoy having a private restroom trailer to use because going to the bathroom can be quite an ordeal in a wedding dress, requiring assistance from bridesmaids or the mother-of-the-bride.

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