Why are there More Porta Potties Around Now?

In your travels around your city recently have you noticed the increased number of portable toilets and wondered to yourself, “Why are there more porta potties around now?”

As a portable toilet supplier in Michigan, we’ve seen a rise in the number of extended portable restroom rentals too. Why? Cities and towns are simply trying to give residents a safe, reliable place to use the bathroom.

Reduced Access to Public Bathrooms

COVID restrictions in many places require businesses have restricted hours and reduced capacity when they are open. As a result, people experiencing homelessness have fewer places to use the facilities, especially overnight. In some major metropolitan areas, this has led to public health crises. Over the last year in some areas human waste was appearing in the streets.

As a result, some areas cities and towns have started providing portable toilet solutions for people living on the streets. This is especially common in areas where many people are experiencing homelessness. It is also common in areas where shelters have been seen their programs limited due to governmental restrictions, lack of funding, or a shortage of staff. These portable toilets are primarily in place to serve people who don’t have any other permanent options. However, they are also convenient for people who are enjoying outdoor activities in their local areas.

Outdoor Activities

If you’re saying to yourself, “Wait, but my area doesn’t have a large homeless population. So why are there more porta potties around now in my area?” Well, no matter where you are in the country really, there’s just more demand right now.

Families and friends have taken more to the outdoors to enjoy socially distanced public activities. These portable restrooms give people options for using the bathroom that don’t require that they go into local establishments. This benefits business owners and patrons of these businesses by reducing potential exposures and lines. Regardless of the purpose though, long-term porta potties in public city spaces give people a convenient location to do their business. That’s why so many cities have added them.

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