Where to Find Heated Porta Potties

Think portable toilets aren’t heated? Think again! Unlike porta potties luxury restroom trailers have heated interiors as well as a host of other amenities. So, the question is, where can you find these heated porta potties?

Look Locally

Well, not all portable toilet companies also offer luxury restrooms. Most national retailers do not have these options for rent either. So heated porta potties tend to be harder to find than standard portable toilets. However, that doesn’t mean you need to settle for the same old thing. The best way to find heated porta potties is to look specifically for luxury portable restroom rentals locally. Supporting your local businesses is a great way to build up your local economy. It also ensures that you will find a company that services your location for the event you’re planning. Event planners and wedding expos may yield some leads on where to find a toilet rental company that also offers bathroom trailers.

Expand Your Search

If you find a bathroom rental company that is not local, don’t overlook them. They may be able to do your event even though it’s outside of their regular service area if they have the availability. It never hurts to ask. If they say no, ask if they can recommend someone to service your area. If they can do it, they will likely charge an added fee to rent units father away. Just ask about their fees so you’re not surprised when you go to book. If the portable toilet supplier is willing to work outside their regular service area but is booked for your preferred date, ask about other availability. It is possible that the portable toilet supplier can do a similar date or substitute another trailer in place of your top choice.

Choosing a Luxury Restroom Trailer

In addition to heated interiors, luxury restroom trailers have other amenities to help keep you warm. Running hot water and spacious interiors where adults and children can wait while the stalls are all in use are sure to warm up guests. Interior lights also allow trailers to be used after dark, when temperatures are lower. This makes them a great outdoor restroom solution for the colder fall/winter months.

Once you’ve found a portable restroom service, determine which luxury portable restroom trailer in their fleet will best suit your event. Select a restroom trailer based on capacity, aesthetics, and available amenities. Some luxury bathroom trailers have separate stalls. Others have a men’s side and a women’s side that each contain multiple stalls. Determine which style is best for your guests. Get a trailer that is big enough to service your event. The goal is to keep guests from having to wait in line for the bathroom instead of enjoying the event itself. Trailers come in a variety of sizes, with 4-stall, 6-stall, and 8-stall options being the most popular rentals. Among amenities that come standard in restroom trailers like cabinetry, mirrors, and decorative accents, find the look that matches your event.

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