When to Start Wedding Planning

Knowing when to start wedding planning is a tricky topic. You want to let friends and family know when your wedding well in advance so that they can plan to be there. However, you don’t want to start too early because it can draw out the planning process in a way that can be exhausting. If attendees need to travel to your wedding, they’ll need more time to plan. Deciding on the details well ahead of time gives them the opportunity to save up and request time off from work. But even if your wedding will be held close by, you still need to give advance notice. Give guests enough notice that they can reserve space on their calendar for your big day instead of committing to other plans.

The 1-Year Rule

While 12 months is standard, 9 months is typically the minimum turnaround time for planning a wedding. Most couples only want a year to plan their wedding. However, some may feel they want additional time to plan the little details that will make their big day perfect. Couples that have a more specific vision of their big day will need more time to plan their wedding. It’s not usually advised to plan more than 18 months in advance of the wedding though. Preferences and needs can change over time, making earlier planning a waste of time.

Destination Weddings

Destination weddings typically take longer to plan than local weddings, due to the added steps of needing to book travel and lodging. Couples often find that using a wedding planner or travel agency reduces the headaches associated with planning a destination wedding. These types of professionals are used to this type of work and can help to streamline the process. They will also typically have a list of providers that they prefer. Couples can save money and time using a professional’s preferred hotels/resorts, car rentals, portable restroom providers, etc.

Popular Venues

The venue choice can also affect how far in advance couples should plan their wedding. Some popular venues book up years in advance, which means getting on the waiting list right away is essential. While being on a waiting list doesn’t mean you have to start planning your wedding right away, it does mean that you’ll need to give some thought to what time of the year you’d like to get married and approximately how many guests will be invited. These types of decisions may affect when the venue can accommodate your needs.


The more vendors you need to coordinate, the longer it will take to plan. Take a strategic approach to securing caterers, florists, portable restroom providers, DJs, photographers, videographers, etc. to keep moving along. You may decide you want to skip using a vendor by giving guests the ability to help with the wedding instead. For instance, some couples choose to have guests contribute pictures that they’ve taken in lieu of using a professional photographer. This can be a way to not only save money, but also time in the planning process.

Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings are typically faster and easier to plan because they can be less formal. Having a more casual wedding is a great choice for couples that prefer to get married more quickly and there are lots of outdoor venues that can host your big day. You may need to use portable restroom providers if the location you choose is more remote. However, when it comes to an outdoor wedding, your imagination is really the only limiting factor.

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