What’s Next for Events in 2020

This is a spring like we’ve never seen before. The Stay Home order has canceled and postponed many Michigan festivities until later this year. As you can imagine, this has made planning events in 2020 very difficult for amateurs and pros alike across the state!

But the Stay Home order from the Governor won’t last forever. When it’s lifted, expect that there will be an explosion of events the rest of the year! Normally we see our busy season pick up in the spring, run strong all summer, and begin to taper off at the end of the fall as we head into winter. This year though, we’re expecting to see event needs remain strong ALL year long.

In addition to the timing of events changing, we expect there will be other changes as well. Read our predictions for the coming year to help you better plan your 2020 Michigan events.

Non-Traditional Venues

With so many events being postponed already this year, most traditional venues are booked solid into 2021 (or beyond). As a result, event planners will have to get more creative. Weddings, fundraising efforts, parties, concerts, and other planned events will likely be held at more “non-traditional” venues than ever before.

Locations like family homes and residential rental properties are going to set the stage for gatherings. Restaurants, public buildings, cafes, coffee shops, and boats will likely see increases as well. Outdoor spaces like parks, farms, and open fields are going to be even more attractive as event destinations than before. The flexibility of being able to take over a wide space is certainly an attractive proposition. With outdoor events on the rise, we’ll be ready to service events all over Michigan with our luxury portable toilets.

Smaller Guest Lists

Less venue availability means that people are more likely to prune guest lists so that they can fit their events into smaller locations. Cutting down guest lists may also lead to more frequent events for things like charity functions as event planners want to service the same overall audience but need to work within the new restraints that they have.

More Informal Gatherings

There will likely be fewer black tie and formal events and more informal gatherings because people will be the highlight of the event instead of food, venue choice, or entertainment. Additionally, because less formal events have a shorter planning lead time, they are more likely to be rescheduled this year instead of being postponed until 2021 because they can be modified on the fly.

Destination Events

Because people have been cooped up and missed out on Spring Break plans. They’re looking forward to seeing people again and traveling. Destination events combine both desires. This will make them a strong option for people looking to reschedule weddings, reunions, parties, and any other event imaginable.

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