What to do with a Tipped Porta Potty Rental

A tipped porta potty is a serious problem! What should you do if your portable toilet flips over?

First, we should start by saying that it’s very rare for a porta potty to get tipped over when it’s being used properly. Really the only way a portable toilet can tip over is if suboptimal conditions occur, like heavy storms. Heavy wind can blow a porta potty over even if it is properly positioned on level, solid ground in the same way that wind can take down trees and other tall objects or vulnerable structures. As a result, you should never use a portable toilet in a bad storm. If you’re in a porta potty when it flips over, you can be seriously injured, not to mention get sick from being exposed to the human waste and chemicals in the toilet.

So, how do you end up with a tipped porta potty rental?

Reasons Why Porta Potties Flip

The most common reasons for a porta potty to tip over are incorrect placement or vandalism.

As we mentioned before, portable toilets should always be placed on ground that is both level and solid. A porta potty on an incline is more likely to fall over because it doesn’t take as much of a distribution of weight to destabilize it, allowing it to tip and fall. Similarly, a porta potty placed on loose or soggy ground doesn’t have a stabile base to sit on, and if the ground moves underneath it, it can certainly tip and fall.

However, the most common cause of porta potties tipping over is vandalism. When portable toilets are left unattended, they can become the victim of people looking to cause trouble. This is one reason why construction sites and event grounds are locked overnight after everyone has left for the day.

What to Do with a Tipped Porta Potty

If your porta potty does tip over, don’t try to fix it yourself! Doing so can be very dangerous because it can fall back on top of you or spill waste onto you. Instead, mark off an area around it so that people will stay away and get in touch with your portable restroom service company.

Call your portable toilet supplier as soon as you notice the issue and inform them of what happened. Consult your agreement. Damage to the unit may only be covered if you notified the rental company immediately, making this a crucial step. They will come and fix the situation quickly. Either they ‘ll stand it back up, cleaning it out on-site, or replace the unit with a fresh clean one. They should also clean up any waste that spilled out to leave your site clean and safe.

If you don’t know how the porta potty accident happened, the portable toilet supplier can check the placement. They’ll ensure that it wasn’t an issue of incorrect location. If the placement is bad, your portable restroom service provider will reposition the unit.

Simply put, let the pros do their job!

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