What are People Doing When Quarantine Ends?

State-wide mandates and CDC recommendations have people craving the normal functions from their old lives. We’re excited to get back to social activities, work, exercise, travel, other leisure activities. So, what are people doing when quarantine ends? According to recent research, when stay home orders and social distancing rules are lifted, people will be most likely to eat out at a restaurant, shop, go to the beauty salon or barber, and get together with friends.

1. Eat at a Restaurant

Carry-out, curbside pick-up, and delivery have been up and running throughout most of this. But many people are craving the dining-in experience. Whether their motivation is escaping food-prep fatigue or a desire to celebrate special occasions, people are looking forward to sitting down in their favorite restaurants.

There’s been a lot of speculation over what kinds of adaptations restaurants will need when they reopen. In some places, restaurants have been able to open for outdoor seating only. Other areas are limiting restaurant patrons to 25% or 50% of previous capacity. Some people are predicting that mandatory temperature checks may be required at some establishments before seating diners. Others are predicting that restaurant staff will be subject to these requirements. Only time will tell how different regions will handle these new challenges.

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Go Shopping

While some retailers have stayed open, just as many have moved solely to online selling throughout the quarantine. Of the ones that have stayed open, some have had their ability to sell “non-essential” goods limited. Still others have had to prohibit use of things like dressing rooms. When these restrictions are lifted, people have indicated that they will be headed to stores to shop. In some cases, this may be a necessity, like in the case of parents whose children have outgrown their clothes. In other cases, it may be some retail therapy to serve as a distraction and offer some pampering.

Plant nurseries, farms, landscape design companies, and other non-typical shopping locations may want to keep guests outdoors as much as possible while they do their browsing and shopping. Many of these types of businesses are keeping their doors closed and serving customers outside, weather permitting. If you need an outdoor portable toilet supplier for your place of business, give us a call. We rent out freshly cleaned units and can clean and service them for you regularly on-site as well.

Get a Hair Cut

It doesn’t take much looking around to realize that people are getting shaggy! At this point most people are desperately awaiting a time when they can get their hair cut, colored, and styled. Some families have been cutting their own hair. However, nothing beats the satisfaction of sitting down in the chair to have a professional take some off the top and sides. In the meantime, expect to see even more people wearing hats and ponytails and hiding their faces when video chatting.

It’s probably unlikely, but if any barbers start doing parking lot cuts, we’ll be there to service those needs as well… especially if we can cut to the front of the line.

Get Together with Friends

We’re all rallying around virtual get togethers as best as we can, but no one wants this distance to last forever. We’re all looking forward to the time when we can hang out with our buddies, bring out kids over to their friends’ houses, see our extended family, and reconnect with our school communities. Restrictions are beginning to ease up and we’re already seeing people starting to get together with family and friends to celebrate holidays, birthdays, and other milestones. When social distancing is a thing of the past we expect to see some of the best events we’ve ever serviced – private parties, concerts, festivals, and charity fundraisers are going to be epic in the coming years.

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