What Do I Need when Renting a Porta-Potty?

One of the most common questions we hear is: “What do I need when renting a porta-potty?” Find out what you’ll need to consider in terms of permits, space requirements, and access needs below!

Do I Need a Permit?

Not typically but there are exceptions! Many places do not require a permit or a license to place portable toilets, but it is always good practice to check local zoning ordinances first. Some local areas or homeowner’s associations will have their own rules and bylaws regulating whether or not you can have a portable toilet on the premises, where it can be placed, and how long it can remain there. For example, Ohio has an ordinance that prevents homeowners from having a portable toilet permanently stationed in their yard. Another regulation example would be keeping units placed a certain distance away from easements. In places where you do need a permit, it’s typically inexpensive, and just requires some planning to get it before your event.

How Much Space Do I Need?

A single porta-potty unit itself doesn’t take up much space aside from leaving clearance for the door to open. Just make sure to leave enough room for the delivery truck to place your potty!

Often when people are asking about space requirements, it is because they plan to rent multiple portable toilets at the same time for a large event, and they need to find a layout that can accommodate a long line of porta-potties. To best way to gauge how much space you’ll need along with placement configurations is to talk to your portable toilet supplier. They can make recommendations based on your specific event to ensure you make the best use of space.  

What Kind of Access is Required?

People sometimes ask, “What kind of access should there be for delivery/servicing/pick up?” This is usually a question related to roads, trees, and other immovable items. Those items can hamper how trucks can get in and access certain areas of the property. Access can also refer to other portables like stages, amusement rides, and even the crowd itself.

At the very least, a truck will need to get to where each porta-potty is going to be. For longer events, pumping trucks will also need access to service the units, remove waste and restock toilet paper and hand sanitizer. If access needs to be provided while the event is occurring, a plan will need to be put in place. This will ensure that people and animals are kept safe with trucks coming and going regularly. Again, talk to your portable restroom service provider to make a customized plan for your needs.  

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