Wedding Etiquette Tips for Newlyweds

Nothing is trickier to navigate than the world of wedding reception etiquette! These 5 tips will help the soon-be-be-married couple avoid any social faux pas and have a great wedding day:

Make Expectations Clear in The Invitations

Make sure that guests know what to wear and what to expect when it comes to the ceremony and reception to avoid making anyone uncomfortable. There’s nothing that can alienate a guest quite like being woefully over or under dressed, so if your wedding has an expected attire, be sure that that is clear in your invitations.

Also be sure to spell out what guests should expect in the way of food. You don’t want people arriving expecting a full meal if you only plan on doing drinks and light appetizers in a “cocktail hour” format. On the other hand, you don’t want to pay for a full buffet or fancy sit down dinner for guests and then have them arrive having already eaten because you didn’t tell them to expect a meal.

For examples as to how you should word your invitations to properly set expectations, you can look online at other wedding invites.

Get Pictures with Guests

It’s easy to get wrapped up in taking keepsake photos with your new spouse and family members, but your guests want to make memories too. Don’t forget to get lots of pictures with them as well. Let them take as many of you as they want and be sure to ask your photographer to take some professional pictures too.

You may also consider having your photographer take a picture of each of your tables while guests are seated so you have individual shots of everyone and their date. If you have room in the budget, it’s a neat idea to include a copy of one of these in each of your thank you notes so that your guests have a memento for themselves!

Don’t Make It Too Structured

Having too many speeches, individual dances, and other “must-attends” at your wedding makes it hard for guests to socialize and enjoy themselves. For this reason, avoid making your wedding too structured so that guests can have fun. This will give them the opportunity to meet other people at their table and cut loose on the dance floor.

Give Guests Enough Time

Some weddings feel really rushed because couples try to fit too many things into their big day or because they can only book their venue for a short amount of time. Make sure you give guests enough time to take pictures, drink, eat, dance, and chat. You want your wedding reception to feel easy and comfortable for guests, not frenetic and stressful.

Thank Everyone for Coming

Most weddings have a receiving line so that everyone has a chance to congratulate the newlyweds, but taking the time to thank everyone before they leave reception is classy and respectful. Make your rounds while people are eating and dancing to thank people and don’t forget to partake of the festivities as you go!

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