Using Portable Toilets in Cold Weather

When planning outdoor events people often mistakenly assume that portable toilets can only be used when it’s warm out. Or, perhaps, they assume that porta potties can only be used comfortably in warm weather. But as Michigan’s top portable toilet supplier, we’re here to tell you that using portable toilets in cold weather is easier than you’d imagine!

Experienced event planners know how to find restroom solutions that will work for their outdoor events regardless of the season. So, if you’re planning a winter/early spring event, follow these handy tips for using portable toilets in cold weather:

Consider Snow

We’ve seen it before – event planners or property managers specify where they want toilet units placed and don’t want to listen to feedback regarding their location. If you’re having an event during a time of the year when snow is possible (which in Michigan is about half the year), always consider how unexpected snowfall might thwart your efforts.

Think about how event attendees will get to units if it snows, and what that experience will look like. Making guests walk across grassy open areas to get to toilets may work just fine in good weather, but in rain or snow, they can end up having to walk across muddy sloppy ground to use the bathroom. The result is a poor user experience that can be downright dangerous if someone were to slip and fall on the walk to the bathroom or inside the restroom unit because the floor is covered with mud and slush puddles.

For best results in the cold, keep portable toilet units on paved ground in an area that will be easy to clear snow around. Do not place units where heavy snowfall would need to be plowed to in order to clear out event space or parking areas. Otherwise, you’ll end up limiting your usable space, creating overcrowding and traffic bottlenecks getting around the event.

Keep Them Warm

Keep porta potties as warm as possible by shielding them from the wind. Placing portable toilets next to a building or wooded area can block out wind that will cool them off significantly. In areas where this isn’t possible, group units together to help them shield each other. The units on the end will still cool off quickly anytime wind is present. However, they will act to buffer middle units some to keep them a little warmer.

If possible, give units access to as much sunlight as possible. During cold winter months sunlight can be hard to come by, but even a little can really warm up units. It doesn’t take much to trap warm air in porta potties (as you likely know from using them in the summer). Access to sunlight during the day won’t have much residual effect as the sun goes down and night falls. However, it will make for a much more pleasant experience for users during the daytime.

Choose Larger Units

When guests are attending outdoor events in the winter, they’ll likely be donning all sorts of outerwear. These jackets, hats, and mittens add an inconvenient bulkiness that event planners don’t have to think about in the summer. Renting larger units gives attendees more space to use the restroom while contending with extra layers. Accessible porta potties and elite portable toilet units offer guests (especially those with children) more room. This additional room makes them feel more comfortable moving around inside.

Opt for Restroom Trailers

You can adapt standard porta potties for the weather, or use an option that’s meant for all kinds of temperatures. Luxury portable restroom trailers have climate-controlled interiors for truly comfortable use year-round.

These spacious luxury restrooms provide a solution that works well for people wearing bulky layers to combat cold winter weather. As a bonus, restroom trailers are great for winter sporting events where athletes may have significant gear.

Additionally, their ample interior lighting and low-level exterior lighting make them safer to use. This is critical during times of the year when sunlight is hard to come by. As a result, restroom trailers are a great solution for both early morning and late-night events.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. Take a look at our mobile restroom trailers and request a quote today!