Toilets for a Wedding – What you Need to Know!

When you’re planning a wedding, you have a lot to consider. There’s the location, food, cake, music, flowers, guests, a photographer, favors, and a million other details. With so much to figure out, you may not even be thinking about restrooms. If you’re having an outdoor ceremony or reception, however, renting restrooms is one detail you can’t overlook. Toilets for a wedding require a little more consideration than regular porta-potties for other types of events.

Find out what you need to know about toilets for a wedding in our guide below!   

Bathroom Options – Standard or Luxury?

Weddings are unique when it comes to their restroom needs. Porta-potties for a community festival, sporting event, fundraiser, block party, or other outdoor event are used specifically to providing a basic place use to the bathroom. Toilets for a wedding, however, may need to accommodate people getting ready for the ceremony or changing before the reception. For this reason, some engaged couples choose to rent larger and more luxurious bathroom units. This is one area where luxury restroom trailers really shine.

Weddings are also more formal than many other outdoor events. Wedding planners and couples planning their own weddings typically opt for fancier bathroom options. Luxury restroom rentals provide the functionality of a bathroom with the upscale look that matches the wedding where they’re being used. 

This is not to say that you need luxury toilets for a wedding, but they are always a popular option! If you’re on a budget or want a more laid back feel to your wedding, you can always rent standard porta-potties instead. Look at your guest list to determine if you should also rent an accessible unit to give guests with accessibility issues, and people with children a more comfortable option.

Depending on the size of your wedding, you may choose a hybrid option. Some people rent luxury portable restrooms for the wedding party and porta-potties for the rest of the guests. The result is a convenient, budget-conscious solution that’s sure to keep everyone happy.


Look at your wedding venue and determine where you will want the restrooms to go. If you’re working with an established wedding venue, they will likely tell you where the units should go. However, if you’re having your wedding at an unconventional location or in a more remote area, you will need to figure this out with the portable toilet rental company. Typically, it makes the most sense to locate bathrooms near where food and drink are being served.

Depending on how spread out the wedding ceremony and reception are, you may need some units near each location. Otherwise, you’ll end up with unhappy guests! Similarly, if the venue you’re using has a limited number of indoor bathrooms, you’ll likely want to supplement them with portable toilets to avoid lines getting too long. Again, the goal is to avoid inconveniencing guests by making them walk too far away or wait too long for bathrooms.

How Many Do You Need?

If you’re renting porta-potties for a wedding, you can determine how many units you’ll need using our handy portable toilet calculator for events. All you need to know is the (approximate) number of guests and the duration of the event to get an estimate of how many units you’ll need. A general rule of thumb is that one porta-john can serve up to 50 guests for up to 3 hours. For more guests or a longer event, you will need to scale up.

If you’re renting a luxury restroom, the trailer will have the number of guests it can accommodate listed in the description. For instance, our restroom trailer The Rustic is one of our most popular wedding bathroom rentals. It can accommodate up to 200 guests for a day-long event. These trailers have two to ten stalls, providing options for events with 200-900 guests. Depending on the size and specific needs of your wedding, you can mix and match restroom trailers to get the right fit. In some cases, it may make more sense to rent multiple smaller luxury portable restrooms instead of one large trailer. Ask your portable restroom provider for advice on what would be best for your big day.

Available Add-Ons

While you are renting portable toilets, you may want to rent some bathroom-related add-ons as well. Some portable restroom companies (including Kerkstra!) offer hand washing stations and hand sanitizer stations. These can be placed throughout your event to ensure that proper hygienic measures are taken for everyone’s safety. These are especially helpful for rustic barn weddings and farm weddings where guests may be touching animals or old farm equipment for photo ops.

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