Toilets of the Future – Crazy Features You’ll Never Believe Really Exist

These days everything is getting more technologically equipped – phones, cars, TVs, beds, you name it! Not to be left behind, some companies are equipping toilets with space-age, high-tech features that will blow you away! The result is a high-priced luxury toilet that’s not your average john. Here are some of the unbelievable features that you can find integrated into today’s most stunning toilets –


Everyone knows what a standard toilet looks like, but some toilet manufacturers are beginning to roll out wall-mounted designs that look sleek and save space to maximize room in smaller bathrooms. They pair well with floating bathroom vanities and vessel sinks to give an ultra-modern appearance to any bathroom.

Night Light

Hate turning on the light in the bathroom at night to do your business? Toilet night light options have remedied that issue entirely! Toilets are now starting to boast a variety of lighting options ranging from in-bowl lighting to projected lighting from the seat lid. Many even offer automatic on and off functionality to make your life even easier.

Motion-Activated Lids

While certainly not a necessity, motion-activated lids are probably still one of the most fun toilet innovations to this day. Simply waving a hand or foot near the toilet triggers the lid to raise so that you can do your business and then walking away signals the lid to close again. This functionality amuses kids and adults alike, as well as dogs. (Don’t ask us how we know that, we just do.)

Customizable Bidet

You can customize and save the angle and position of your seat in your car, so why not bring this same level of customization to toilets, right? Well, that’s the thought behind this innovative toilet feature, anyways. Some toilet/bidet combos now come equipped with customizable water jet options that you can program and save so that your toilet gets the job done to your exacting specifications.

Heated Seats

The ultimate in toilet comfort comes in the form of a heated toilet seat! Some toilets these days offer cozy comfort for people that are going to be there a while by warming up to keep your butt warm on those cold mornings and evenings. A new offering that we’ve heard about is a foot warmer option, which would probably eliminate the need to wear slippers!

Built-in Speakers

Speaking of getting comfortable, why bother playing music on your speakers or TV in another room when you can blast your tunes from your toilet?! Today’s most modern toilets can come enabled with Bluetooth speakers that stream music from your phone to keep you entertained while you’re on the throne. (Now, we’re sure you’re probably just going to use this futuristic feature to listen to educational podcasts and not blare your favorite guilty pleasures while you belt out lyrics, but either way this is an awesome addition! 😉)

Deodorizing & Self-Cleaning

Let’s face it, bathrooms get dirty! Keeping up with smells and messes is everyone’s least favorite part of their home bathroom, which is why some toilets are now being rolled out with self-cleaning features. Toilets with pre-installed charcoal filters minimize stinky smells, while toilets that spray a cleaner with each flush combat dirty bowls. A toilet that’s self-sufficient, who could ask for anything more?!

Health Reporting

We’ve heard a rumor that there’s a toilet out of Japan that can analyze your (ahem) waste matter to give you a health report. Apparently, it can determine whether you’re properly hydrated based on the concentration of your urine as well as report on the nutrition make-up of your stool. This information can be stored and compared over time to give you an accurate projection of your past and current health. The jury is still out on whether this is downright creepy or kind of awesome, but you can be sure of one thing – none of your house guests will want to use your bathroom if you have one of these!

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