This Year’s Hottest Fall Wedding Trends

Looking for the top autumn wedding trends? Look no further! These are some of the hottest trends in weddings for 2016 but are sure to have staying power for years to come! Check out these great tips to incorporate into your fall wedding:

Wild Flowers

Floral arrangements are a must-have regardless of the season, but as the weather turns cooler, there are a lot more options when it comes to flowers than you might think. Instead of going the traditional route of roses, why not incorporate wild flowers into your centerpieces and bouquets. There are plenty of varieties to choose from with the same striking colors that you would expect to see at a summer wedding and the shapes and textures are much more unique.


Brass, copper, and bronzed metal finishes are very popular this fall because they add an exciting pop of color to the more striking autumn palates that many brides and grooms choose. You can use metallic colored vases, napkin rings, and other simple accents to bring this fall staple into your color scheme or choose more dramatic effect by using gilded leaves or a metallic foil wrap on your wedding cake. Regardless of how you incorporate it, a metallic accent adds a touch of sophistication and excitement!


Nothing is more quintessentially autumn than cranberries, which is why they’re becoming more common in centerpieces, bridal bouquets, and corsages. One of the simplest, yet most elegant, ways to use cranberries is to have candles floating amidst cranberries in decorative glass containers to light the centers of tables, the guest book area, and anywhere else you want a functional decoration.

Colored Suits

While black used to be the only acceptable color for grooms and groomsmen to wear, colored suits are starting to make a comeback. For fall you can consider deep greens, blues, or even reds to provide a striking contrast to the bride’s white gown and lighter colored bridesmaids’ dresses.

Matching Outerwear

With autumn weddings comes the possibility of cold weather, which isn’t typically a problem for men in suits or tuxes, but can make for an unpleasant event for ladies in dresses. Plan ahead and find matching outwear for your bridesmaids and yourself that compliments the rest of your outfits. This could be a fur (or faux fur) stole, cropped cotton jacket, wool shrug, or any other long-sleeve piece that you like the look of with your dress.

Personalized Stamps

Getting a custom stamp made with the couple’s names and date of the wedding is a great way to infuse the couple’s unique personality across all of your wedding-related stationary. You can use a stamp on your wedding invitations and thank you cards as well as table assignments, wedding ceremony programs and anywhere else that you can think of really! In fact, some couples even use stamps on boxes or bags that contain small edible favors for guests.


The soft light of candles in lanterns is a classy way to bring the feeling of fall into your wedding. Hanging lanterns from trees or the ceiling of your reception area creates a chandelier-like feeling with natural light. Just be sure that your wedding venue will allow these to be hung, as many barns and other rustic settings may have strict requirements about what can and can’t be lit inside. If all else fails, you can always place them on table out of the reach of children or use them to light pathways outside for the same rustic fall feeling.

Drink Stations

Drink stations with samples for guests are all the rage right now. From juice bars to coffee stands and craft liquor stations, more and more couples are choosing to offer their guests creative drinks to make for a more memorable experience. For the fall we would suggest doing a dark roast coffee bar, whisky or bourbon tastings station, hot chocolate bar, or a hot apple cider stand. These beverages will put a signature touch on your event that your guests will always remember.

Vows at Dusk

Getting married outside is always great and the autumn is a great opportunity to have your wedding ceremony outside as the sun sets and follow it up with a cozy reception indoors afterwards. Take advantage of the sun setting earlier to have a romantically themed outdoor wedding complete with candles to light the way for guests back to your reception. Just be sure that you provide all of the amenities that guests expect if it’s outdoors – things like propane heaters, luxury restrooms, and sturdy chairs to keep guests comfortable while they’re outdoors.

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