The World’s 10 Most Luxurious Toilets

Your toilet isn’t something you probably pay much attention to, but if you had one of these toilets we can guarantee you would pay attention. Toilets have come a long way since the days of outhouses and the world’s most luxurious toilets have a lot to brag about! Take a look at our top 10 list:

  • Toto Intelligence II

The Intelligence II is a technologically advanced toilet with your health in mind. It collects and reports data such as sugar levels, BMI, blood pressure, and body temperature to a web interface so that users can stay healthy. It may cost a pretty penny, but think of how much you’ll save on doctor’s bills!


  • Kohler Numi

The Numi doubles as a bidet (if that’s your thing) and boasts heated seats and a floor heater vent to keep your bottom and feet toasty on those chilly winter mornings. The lid automatically opens and closes for you and cleans and deodorizes itself, making it totally hassle-free. But the amenities don’t end there – it also has a dock for mp3 players and phones and a programmable touchscreen remote. With all of these features, you may never want to leave!


  • Microsoft eToilet

Okay, so this toilet is still a prototype, but we hope it makes it to production because it looks great! It’s made by Microsoft, so you know it’ll be tech savvy. It actually has a 21 inch monitor in the toilet seat that swivels out for you to use while seated. Browse the internet, watch a video, it’s up to you! But it’s not just a neat screen that sets this toilet apart. It also offers you dietary recommendations based on its analysis of your, um, deposited material. An entertainment unit and a dietician? Now that’s a win-win!


  • Inax Satis Asteo Washlet

The Satis Asteo has integrated stereo speakers and comes preloaded with classical tunes to give your bathroom-time a decidedly classy feel. But if Bach and Chopin aren’t your favorite, it also has an SD slot so that you can load your own tunes. Sounds like it’s time for a bathroom dance party! It also has a pretty futuristic looking nightlight so you’ll never miss the bowl again.


  • Kerkstra Luxury Restroom Trailer

Kerkstra’s luxury restrooms will make you feel like a rock star or VIP. Complete with stylish furnishings like accent rugs, high-end cabinetry and trim, full-sized mirrors, decorative faux plants and even hanging artwork, you’ll forget you’re using a mobile restroom. These luxury portable restrooms are climate controlled as well so they look and feel just like fancy hotel bathrooms. Okay, so maybe they aren’t the most luxurious toilets in the entire world, but they’ll certainly bring a level of luxury that’s unmatched outdoors!

luxury restroom trailer

  • Design Odyssey Vertebrae

The Vertebrae is an all-in-one bathroom solution containing a toilet, sink, shower, and shelving. It is an ultra-modern bathroom design that is as stunning as it practical. It’s a great space saver as well for high-end loft and studio apartments. Just a warning though, this toilet system is so cool that you may never be able get houseguests to leave!


  • Moscow

The most expensive toilet on the list is the Moscow, which reportedly goes for about $280,000! The entire toilet is gold-plated, giving it a shiny richness that make you want to stare at it instead of actually use it. In addition to its gold exterior, it also has a plasma mirror and fully digital controls for all of its functions. This is truly the toilet of royalty!


  • Swarovski-Studded Toilet

Love bling? Then this is certainly the toilet for you. This is just a regular toilet except for one thing… the entire toilet is studded with Swarovski crystals from top to bottom! Obviously this level of star-power doesn’t come cheap, but it’s perfect for the serious sparkle-lover! It’s obvious to see why this is one of the most luxurious toilets in the world.

swarovski toilet

  • Jemal Wright Bath Designs Chromesome™

If chrome is a little more your speed, the Chromesome is perfect! It shines like no other toilet on the market and, thanks to a recent innovation in chrome dying, it can come in almost any color you can imagine. You’ll even be able to see your reflection in this chrome wonder. This totally custom toilet will leave you polishing and shining it to show off to all your guests!


  • Ceramica Cielo Jungle Dundee

The Jungle Dundee is the ideal toilet for anyone that loves rich prints or tropical jungle designs. This totally unique looking toilet and bidet combination will definitely set your bathroom apart. Plus, the textured surface offers an experience for your rear end that’s like no other toilet you’ve ever used!

jungle dundee

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