The Ultimate Porta Potty FAQ

You asked, and we’re answering! Here are some questions we’ve gotten asked recently:

  • Are they clean?

Obviously, this will depend on the provider. Some are less conscientious when it comes to cleaning units between events, but most providers are great at sanitizing units before they’re delivered so that they arrive in pristine condition.

Additionally, some events are dirtier or messier than others. You can use your imagination with this one on which types events are less clean, but we’ve seen it all!

Also, some event planners choose to have units delivered and left for the duration of the event without being serviced. Obviously, this can lead to units being less clean than events where units are regularly serviced. When being serviced, waste tanks will be emptied, cleaned top to bottom, and restocked.


  • Is using one sanitary?

Some people worry that using a portable toilet isn’t sanitary because there’s no sink to wash their hands. While some units do actually contain sinks (and some events make use of hand washing stations), all porta potties have hand sanitizer pumps mounted inside. For this reason, using them is sanitary because you can kill unwanted germs on your hands before exiting.

  • Where does the waste go?

Ultimately, the waste ends up at a waste treatment plant. However, before it gets there, it goes on a journey across city, county, and sometimes even state lines via septic truck. For more detailed information, check out our article Porta Potties Explained: Where Does the Waste Go?

  • Can a port a potty tip over?

Yes, they can. Will they? Probably not!

Portable toilet suppliers know where to place units so that they’ll be on firm level ground to guard against this danger. Furthermore, even if portable toilets are placed on slightly uneven or soft ground, regular use most likely won’t affect their stability. When porta johns tip over it’s usually because they’re being misused in some way.

  • How much does it cost to rent a portable toilet?

Rental costs will vary depending on which kinds of units you’re renting. Luxury restroom trailers and elite units will be more expensive than standard porta potties. However, you can often get a quantity discount if you rent many units or opt for add-ons such as hand washing stations or hand sanitizer banks.

  • What exactly is a luxury restroom trailer?

Check out this great article: “An Intro to Luxury Restroom Trailers”

And this one: “Renting a Luxury Restroom Trailer for the First Time”

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