The Top Event Planning Portable Restroom Questions to Ask

If you’re planning an event, you likely have a lot of questions for all your vendors, especially your portable restroom suppler. Experienced event planners seem to be the only ones who don’t have lots of questions when it comes to renting portable restrooms.

How Many Restrooms do I Need?

As a general rule of thumb, you’ll need one porta potty for every 50 attendees for every three hours of an event. With more guests and longer events, scale comes into play, resulting in fewer restrooms needed than this simple equation would imply. Our event planning chart will help you determine how many restrooms you’ll need.

Which Units will be the Best Fit for my Event?

Regular porta potties are great for events without sophisticated needs. They offer restrooms without any frills for event attendees. Many event organizers choose to have portable toilet banks set up to consolidate their location; however, they can also be spread out over a wider area to give guests options in various locations. Handicapped portable toilets serve guests with accessibility challenges as well as families with young children.

Luxury restroom trailers are best for events where guests expect upscale bathroom options. They offer amenities like flushing toilets, running hot/cold water, climate-controlled interiors, and elegant finishes. The different size options mean that they can be used individually or to supplement other bathroom options. Multiple trailers can also be used together for larger events.

What’s Available to Rent for my Preferred Date?

Always ensure that the restroom options you’re considering are available for your preferred event date. There’s no sense in researching different options and discussing pricing if what you want isn’t available when you need it.
A good portable toilet supplier can suggest alternatives that can fit your needs if your date is already booked.

Will I Need any Add-Ons?

In addition to restroom units, you may also need handwashing stations or hand sanitizer stations as well. These give attendees a place to wash or sanitize their hands without needing to wait in a bathroom line, which is crucial for events where people are preparing, serving, or consuming food. They also encourage bathroom users to get their hands cleaner than simply providing hand sanitizer pumps inside the restroom units themselves.

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