The Porta Potty Challenge Hits New Records

Porta potties are useful, but they’re not usually cool. However, with the #PortaPottyChallenge fad sweeping nation, they’ve become all the rage. In fact, Sports Illustrated has even picked up the trend!

It’s a pretty simple (and sort of hilarious) concept – squeeze as many people into as you can into a porta potty and then film it and put it online as proof. The trend seems to have taken off mostly with cross-country runners… perhaps because they’re zany and perhaps because they tend to be smaller in stature, which allows more of them to fit inside. Either way, it’s kind of entertaining to watch.

Recently, a new record has been set by the Riverside cross-country team in South Carolina. The team managed to fit 40 people into a standard porta potty unit. As porta potty pros, we know how impressive that is and we want to offer our congratulations!

We do want to offer a friendly reminder though for anyone considering trying the Porta Potty Challenge. Please be aware that there are risks associated with using portables toilets in a way that they weren’t intended to be used. Always exercise good judgement and know when to call it quits. It’s not worth having anyone get injured just to try to break an online record.

If you look closely in the video that the Riverside runners posted, you’ll see that the portable toilet unit is breaking at the seams due to pressure from within with so many bodies being crammed inside. This can lead to bruises as well as more serious injuries like difficulty breathing and broken limbs. Additionally, units that are not placed on level ground or are in damp or moist soil run the risk of tipping over, especially if they’re being misused. (And trust us, no matter how clean the unit is, that’s definitely not something you want!)

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