The Future of Outdoor Toilets

In Athens-Clarke County, Georgia, commissioners have approved the use of a permanent public restroom and the portable toilet design is making waves! Some are calling “The Portland Loo®” toilet concept the future of outdoor toilets. Find out why!


Designed in Portland, Oregon, this portable toilet is a permanent portable toilet, which means that it can be fabricated and assembled off-site and then delivered as a ready-to-function unit that can be installed anywhere that a public restroom is needed. This standalone unit is designed for single occupancy and includes an exterior sink for handwashing.

What this Reveals about The Future of Outdoor Toilets: Portable toilets are getting more ubiquitous and more widely accepted.

Ongoing Cost

Any portable toilet will be less expensive to build than a traditional restroom facility, making it less costly to install. But the cost comparison doesn’t end there!

The makers of this unit have carefully considered how to minimize ongoing operating costs as well. Using solar power or low voltage power, it won’t have a hefty carrying cost once installed. It can operate off the grid due to its solar-powered LED lighting fixtures.

Additionally, it is constructed of commonly used components. That means the parts are easy to replace once they have reached the end of their usable life. But one thing you won’t have to worry about is freezing! A year-round solution, this toilet uses heated wire to keep the plumbing components from freezing up.

What this Reveals about The Future: Sustainability is becoming the name of the game in every facet of life.

Easy to Maintain

Because the design is so simplistic, The Portland Loo® is easy to clean with basic supplies. (And with a janitor’s closet attached, the supplies you need will be close by.) This design simplicity ensures it’ll stay clean over time. Even graffiti is easy to remove! The entire unit has been treated with an anti-graffiti coating, which resists sticking and staining.

Lastly, the lightweight modular design makes it easy to lift and move when a natural disaster is expected. In the event of a flood, wildfire, or hurricane, it can be picked up and moved out of harm’s way.

What this Reveals about The Future of Outdoor Toilets: Convenience is essential for users and those maintaining restroom solutions.


The unit looks great! Its shiny stainless steel design is sleek and sophisticated, silencing naysayers who usually complain about porta potties lacking visual appeal. This makes it ideal for everything from a community park to a college campus to a financial district.

What this Reveals about The Future of Restrooms: Looks matter. 😉

Crime Resistant

Without sacrificing privacy, the unit allows police to monitor usage from the outside. Canted grating allows law enforcement officers to determine how many people are inside the unit at a given time. This aims to eliminate illegal activities. And an exterior sink ensures that the only time someone is inside is when they need privacy to do their business. As a result, the unit can safely handle as many users as an airport restroom each day.

What this Reveals about The Future of Outdoor Toilets: Portable restroom manufacturers are taking your concerns seriously and designing solutions to address them better.

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