The History of Modern Porta-Potties

Finding a porta-potty today is easy – they are at almost any field, event, or outdoor worksite. But did you know that the first modern porta-potty was not invented until the 1940s? While most people relied on outhouses well into the 20th century, transportable bathroom options did not exist until wartime production necessitated their invention.  

While the first evidence of portable toilets (read: terracotta clay pots) was actually in the Ancient World, today’s modern portable restroom was first developed during World War II. Bathroom facilities on docks and in shipyards were typically far away from worksites, causing production delays. The solution: portable toilets built out of wood and steel. These first toilets did not have any amenities and tended to be quite smelly. 

Portable restrooms started to evolve quickly once industries, such as construction, started to recognize the value of having transportable, onsite bathroom solutions. 

Deodorizing liquid was first invented in the 1950s to combat odor issues. In 1960, George Harding developed a patent for the first polyethylene portable restroom. By the 1970s, Harvey Heather had created the “Strongbox” – the first fiberglass portable toilet – and later that decade, polyethylene models were finally introduced to the market. Polyethylene porta-potties proved to be more lightweight than their wood/steel or fiberglass counterparts and much easier to clean and sanitize. Most porta-potties today still use polyethylene plastic today!  

Modern porta-potties have come a long way from their wood and steel origins in the last 60 years. Today’s luxury trailers feature wood flooring, cabinetry, and countertops. Depending on the trailer, luxury portable restrooms also have heat, AC, interior lighting, and even warm running water. With these types of portable options, outdoor events are possible no matter the season! 

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