Tailgating 101: Gearing Up for Football Season

Football season has finally arrived and that means that the fan-favorite pastime of tailgating is back in full swing. But before you get out your throwback jersey and start stocking up on the brats, make sure to read through this guide so that your tailgate can really stand out this year! Here are the top 4 characteristics of the best tailgates across the nation:

Everyone’s Favorite Food and Drinks

Tailgating food menus include some of the best recipes known to mankind (namely because they involve copious amounts of meat and cheese). Excellent tailgates will have not only large amounts of food, but also a variety of food choices to delight your buddies. Seasonal craft beers are always a good choice for fall games, but be sure to avoid ones that are too dark or heavy because they can fill you up before you’re able to sample some of each dish.

Hot comfort foods are ideal tailgating recipes – just be careful that any raw or perishable ingredients are kept at safe temperatures up until cooking. Stay away from dishes that contain mayonnaise or other ingredients that can spoil if left out all day, as your guests will likely graze in the hours leading up to and during the game. Staples like hotdogs, hamburgers, wings, and chili are sure to keep people happy but don’t forget the side dishes to round out your excellent tailgating meal. What you’re eating will affect the way your drinks taste, so keep that in mind as you make your beverage selection.

And if you’re going to be tailgating from the early morning hours onward, be sure to include some breakfast items in your menu because chances are people aren’t going to be ready for baked beans shortly after sunrise. Juice is a good breakfast drink for all ages, and it also serves as a great mixer later on in the day for the adults.

Restrooms Close By

Having a bathroom nearby is absolutely essential when tailgating all day (especially if you have kids with you). While you can’t really control that at a designated public tailgating lot outside of the stadium, you can definitely be sure to have plenty of bathrooms at a private facility. Hiring a portable toilet supplier to bring porta johns or luxury restroom trailers to your tailgate is a way to ensure that everyone will have a good time without the hassle of having to walk a ways to use the restroom and wait in line for a long time. Trust us, your guests will thank you… not to mention be beating down your door for an invite to your next tailgating party! (In fact, paid tailgating venues and lots often utilize these types of restroom solutions because they find that providing exclusive access to their bathrooms is a great selling point for fans that are looking for a hassle-free tailgating experience.)

Screens and Seats for Viewing

If you’re going to the game then you may not need as nice of a setup as the people who are tailgating and then watching the game from their tailgate, but it’s still nice to be able to watch the pre-game hype from your party. Also, it’s great to be able to catch the other games that are on before your game so that you can keep up with your fantasy league or conference results. Be sure to have at least one screen that’s big enough for multiple people to watch and a comfortable seating area (whether in lawn chairs or on blankets on the ground). This gives people something to do while they wait on food and enjoy their beverages. Having a viewing areas is even more important when you’re pressed for space because you probably won’t have room to play any tailgating games or throw around a football.

The Right Clothing

Wearing the right clothing is essential for staying comfortable during your tailgate. In the southern US fans need to stay cool and well ventilated, but up here in Michigan, dressing to stay warm and dry is key. It’s always important to have a wind resistant top layer to keep your core warm throughout the changing temperatures of the day.

Obviously you’ll want to sport your favorite team apparel, but be sure to wear layers so that you can adjust your wardrobe as the weather calls for – there’s nothing worse than getting cold and not being able to warm up to enjoy watching the game. Warm hats and gloves should always be brought along just in case the temperatures take an unexpected dip because you don’t want to have to leave and go buy these things from souvenir stands or local stores during your tailgate.

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