Event Planning – How Many Portable Toilets Will I Need?

The most common question we get in this business is “How many toilets will I need?”

We get asked this by regular people planning private events as well as seasoned event planning pros alike, so we wanted to take the opportunity to break it down for you.

Regardless of the size of your event, having enough bathrooms is crucial in ensuring that guests will be able to enjoy themselves. No one wants to have their guests waiting in long lines (or leaving) to use the bathroom! That’s why it’s so critical to get it right from the outset of your event!

(Trust us, you don’t want to be the guy calling frantically asking to have more porta potties delivered mid-event!)

Use Our Planning Chart

We have a helpful chart to help estimate how many units you’ll need for your event. It’s a grid that simply multiplies the number of hours for your event by the number guests expected. As a general rule of thumb, you can expect that one porta potty unit can service up to 50 guests for up to 3 hours. For events where the number of attendees is unknown, you should round your estimates up to prevent finding yourself in a situation where there aren’t enough bathrooms for all the families and individuals that show up.

Consult the Pros

Our planning chart provides an estimated number of units that you’ll need, but if you want a more customized recommendation based on the type of event and the geographic size of the event, you can always give us a call at 888-320-9992 and we’d be happy to help you out!

As professionals, we have many years of experience in the portable restroom business, which means that we know best when it comes to rental toilets. We know when to recommend luxury restroom trailers versus standard porta potties, and we have all of the add-ons that you’ll need to keep your event sanitary!

Scale Up or Down

If the event you’re planning has been held before, you can scale up or down based on your previous experience. Typically this means learning from past mistakes and getting more toilets and trailers than you’ve had in previous years to better accommodate guests.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. Take a look at our mobile restroom trailers and request a quote today!

The Top 5 Gifts Santa Would Give Event Planners

Event planners are a unique bunch – they’re organized, driven, creative, and a little crazy. But being an amazing event planner isn’t just about a great problem solver, it’s also about having the right tools to have the event go off without a hitch. So what’s on a typical event planner’s list for Santa? These are the top 5 gifts that event planners want this year:

  1. Robust Planning Software
  2. Every event planner has planning software or an online tool to help them organize all of the details that need to come together to make a fabulous event. There are many different tools available and some have specific niches (like wedding planning, corporate event planning, etc.) but all are better than simply trying to keep track of everything on your own. For professional event planners simple lists on paper or in email won’t do – a robust planning software is an absolute necessity.

  3. An Easy to Work with Photographer
  4. Photographers can vary widely in their skill level, price, and customer friendliness. Some professional photographers produce great results but are incredibly difficult to work with, making an event planner’s life more difficult. The last thing that you want is to have a photographer who makes your already stressful job even harder.

  5. Versatile Caterers
  6. Memorable events have delicious food, but every event has different menu requirements. Instead of needing a whole contact book full of caterers to call on, having a short-list of really versatile caterers is the way to go. Knowing ahead of time that you can trust a caterer to provide rave-worthy food no matter what the customer’s requirements are is something invaluable to check off your list. This type of partnership can last you a long time throughout your event planning career.

  7. A Dependable Restroom Provider
  8. No matter what type of event you’re planning, you need to ensure that there will be enough bathrooms for all of the guests because this is the number one thing that can kill a good event. Having poorly located restrooms, dirty facilities, or an insufficient quantity of bathrooms for the number of guests is a one-way ticket to event failure. To prevent this from occurring, you’ll need a dependable portable toilet supplier. A good restroom service will deliver well-maintained units on time for a reasonable price across a wide service area.

  9. Their Own Dedicated Assistant
  10. No matter how put together an event planner seems, he/she can always benefit from having a helping hand. A dedicated assistant can be a life-saver when you need to be in two places at once or it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day. An assistant can also keep you company as you plan and manage events, giving you someone that can sympathize when things get rough. Hiring an assistant can improve your personal well-being as well as the health of your business!

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. We lead the industry in portable restroom service for construction sites, agricultural applications, weddings and special events – find out more!