Must-Haves for a Barn Wedding

Barn weddings remain popular, especially in areas like Michigan where there are so many beautiful barns to choose from. These rustic settings provide a lovely backdrop for nuptials and wedding receptions alike. Despite their beauty, however, barn weddings can be a little bit tricky because they require some extra planning. The same rustic charm that […]

5 Barn Wedding Must-Haves

  Michigan barn weddings are more popular than ever before! Barn weddings provide an intimate setting for your big day that’s absolutely unmatched while also allowing plenty of opportunity to dress up the space to create an elegant look. If you’re planning to have your ceremony and/or reception in a barn setting, here are your […]

The Best Outdoor Wedding Venue Ideas

  Outdoor weddings are trendy, family-friendly, and affordable which is why so many couples choose to have them year-round. If you’re looking for a beautiful outdoor wedding venue here are six great ideas for your big day: Parks Local parks are a great place to have a wedding because they’re inexpensive and can often accommodate […]

Will My Wedding Guests Want to Use Portable Restrooms?

We could answer this question very simply with a definitive “Yes!” But don’t take our word for it, decide for yourself! There are multiple options when it comes to wedding restrooms, so we’ll break down your choices. We won’t bore you with all of the specifics because if you’re planning a wedding, you probably have […]

Planning a Barn Wedding

Scenic barn weddings are more popular than ever before, especially in Michigan. More brides are opting for barn weddings because unlike traditional wedding venues, rustic barns can be a more unique setting for the big day. Additionally, more wedding magazines and online planning resources are embracing the barn wedding trend – providing suggestions for centerpieces, […]