Social Distancing on The Farm

Should farms participate in social distancing? While the answer to this question may change in the coming months, right now the prevailing recommendation seems to be that everyone should follow social distancing guidelines. Most farms managing produce stands, u-pick crops, farm stores, and CSA share pick-ups are trying to determine what the coming season will look like for their operations with social distancing on the farm. As a portable toilet supplier for farms we’re seeing first-hand how farms are changing their regular practices and ongoing operations to accommodate these new recommendations.


In general, we’re seeing farms rent more toilet units to keep people spaced out and better enable regular cleaning. Whether farmers are cleaning these units themselves throughout the day for u-pick customers and farm stand visitors, or utilizing a GAP-compliant portable restroom provider, there is an increased emphasis on regular cleaning and good handwashing across staff and patrons alike. This is approach can not only prevent the spread of COVID-19, but for any other foodborne illnesses as well.


Farms naturally have an abundance of space. As a result, many farmers are also choosing to space out their high traffic areas to promote social distancing on the farm. Whether it’s spreading out parking or retail offerings, a lot of farms are rethinking how they manage traffic flow. The taped-down X’s to indicate where to stand aren’t going to be as common as they are in retail establishments. However, attention will be paid to keeping visitors spread out as best as possible. Portable farm bathrooms and other easily moved items will likely be repositioned to allow for increased separation.

CSA Shares

CSAs that are coordinating share pick-ups are rethinking how they minimize contact with food. In the past, many CSA operations laid out available produce and asked shareholders to take items. Then they can package or transport it however they liked. This practice promotes sustainability by reducing packaging, encouraging reusable containers, and improving efficiency on the farm. However, this is typically not in keeping with the current low-contact recommendations. As a result, some CSAs will be packaging shares for shareholders. Others will be providing hand sanitizer for use while taking produce. Still others have indicated that they’ll have a farm employee doling out items to reduce cross-contamination between shareholders. Each farm is determining how best to adapt new regulations and recommendations to fit their specific operations and clientele.

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