Should You Remodel Your Bathroom in the Winter?

A bathroom remodel is the last thing on most people’s minds this time of the year. However, if you’re thinking about remodeling, now is really the perfect time to get started. Find out why the winter is a wonderful time to do bathroom improvements or a full-scale remodel.

Cold Weather

While cold weather is often the main reason people cite for not wanting to do winter-time renovations, it’s also the best reason to do them then. If you plan on doing a bunch of major renovations this year on your house, vacation home, or investment property, you can’t make exterior changes during cold snowy months, which means that you should be doing interior projects now. That way, when it warms up you can focus your efforts on the exterior of your house.

There are plenty of products (like negative pressure fans) that contractors can use to contain fumes and dust to keep your home livable while the work is done. Your family won’t have to sacrifice air quality and safety to have work done in the winter.


Interior design companies often book appointments months in advance during the busy season. But in the winter, they have much more availability!

Trades like electricians and plumbers as well as contractors experience the same seasonal business, which means that during the winter you’re more likely to get your choice of companies to work on your project. Fewer clients during the winter months also means that you’ll have more dedicated attention for your project. This means more responsiveness when you have questions or issues, which can be a huge benefit when your project scope is larger.

You can also rent a master bathroom trailer year-round for your family to use if your bathroom will be inaccessible during the renovations. Since these trailers typically book up quickly during the spring and summer months, you’ll likely have an easier time finding one to rent in the winter.


All projects are made up of materials costs and labor costs, both of which can vary substantially by season. In the winter, materials like lumber and windows often drop in price as manufacturers and suppliers try to get rid of older inventory. These close-out deals can mean big savings on your project, or the ability to get more premium products for the same cost. This is probably the biggest reason people decide to undertake extensive bathroom and kitchen remodels during the winter.


Anyone who has ever had substantial work done on their home knows that waiting for approvals on permits can stall a project like nothing else! In the winter, government agencies are less busy, which means faster turnaround time on permits. The result is a shortened project duration, which is always a win for homeowners.

Vacation Time

Most people already get time off around the holidays. Put this time to good use by doing something productive around the house so that way you can use the rest of your vacation time in warmer months to get out and enjoy the nice weather.

As a bonus, you might be able to deter family from visiting after the holidays if they know that you’ll be doing home renovation projects while they’re there. Maybe.

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