Should You Have a Spring Wedding?

Deciding when to have your wedding is difficult in a state like Michigan where all four seasons are so beautiful! Spring weddings have a special place in our heart because they usher in the start of our busy season. If you’re considering a spring wedding, these are the top pros and cons that we’ve seen as a portable toilet supplier servicing spring weddings:


  • Warmer Weather

Spring weddings are typically warmer than fall or winter weddings, which makes an outdoor venue more feasible. The best part about the spring is that while temperatures are typically more pleasant, they’re not yet too hot for guests of all ages to enjoy themselves outside all day.

  • Flowers

The biggest benefit of a spring wedding is the outdoor scenery. Newly blooming flowers and trees give a sense of rebirth and fresh starts, which is lovely imagery for a couple to start their new life together.

  • Less Expensive

Spring weddings tend to be less expensive than summer weddings because demand is lower. So, if you’re trying to get married on a budget, a spring wedding may be the best way to go.

  • More Venue Choices

While popular wedding venues may be booked for many summers to come, their increased availability in the spring means you may not have to wait as long for your dream venue. If your top choice venue is already booked up for the spring, you still have more options than you would in the fall or winter because warm spring weather provides tons of outdoor possibilities.

  • Exciting Color Palette Choices

Color palettes for spring weddings can basically include any color imaginable – the brighter the better! Vibrant pink, green, yellow, and purple hues are perfect for spring weddings.


  • Unpredictable Weather

Unfortunately, while spring weather is typically warmer than winter weather, it may not actually be warm yet. Unseasonably cold springs have been known to thwart spring wedding plans, leaving guests cold and venues looking brown and barren. Adding in the potential for spring rain makes weather even iffier.
You can combat these risks by renting a tent and heaters to keep guests comfortable outdoors. You can also find venues that have both inside and outside appeal and just decide which to utilize on the day of the wedding.

  • Mud

With rain comes the early-spring inevitability of mud. Planning your wedding for later in the spring reduces the risk that guests will have to slosh through muddy conditions.

  • School Schedule

School is still in session in the spring, which means that if you’re planning a destination wedding, families or parents with children may not be able to attend. If your guest list includes families, try to plan your wedding for when kids will be on spring break to ensure maximum attendance.

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