Septic Tank Inspections

Septic tank inspections are now handled by Kerkstra Septic, which is now separate from Kerkstra Services. Please reach out to Kerkstra Septic for all your septic tank inspection needs.

Obtaining a septic inspection before a sale or transfer of property is recommended and sometimes required – depending which county the home is located in.

A septic system inspection helps to protect the value of
the buyer’s investment by ensuring that the system is functioning properly as well as protecting the environment thru guaranteeing sewage is being handled properly.

Evaluating a septic system when selling or purchasing property

A septic system certification gives confidence to the buyer for purchasing a home. A sound and well maintained septic system can be a good selling point and enhance the value of the home.

What is inspected?

  • The location, age, design and size of system
  • Soundness of septic tank
  • Soil conditions of drain field
  • Condition of plumbing fixtures
  • Date of last pumping

Grease Trap in need of service

First of all Kerkstra has nothing to gain or lose from a system failure or certification- we are absolutely non-biased in all decisions. Secondly we have a reputation in the West Michigan Area of excellence and integrity that is respected by both the seller and the buyer. Last but not least this is our expertise, if we haven’t serviced the septic tank at this home we probably did the neighbors, we know what kind of soils are in the area, where the most common problems are located and the best way forward if repairs are needed.