Renting Portable Toilets for Fall Events

Looking for a <a href=”https://kerkstraservices.com/portable-restrooms/”>portable toilet supplier</a> for your upcoming fall event? Look no further! <a href=”https://kerkstraservices.com/portable-restrooms/”>Renting portable toilets</a> for fall events has never been easier with Kerkstra on your side. We have porta potties and luxury restrooms you need to host an awesome event. We’ll help you figure out which type of toilets you’ll need, how many you should have, and whether you need any add-on rentals.


Portable toilets come in a variety of styles ranging from <a href=” https://kerkstraservices.com/rental/standard-portable-restroom/”>standard porta potties</a> and <a href” https://kerkstraservices.com/rental/handicap-accessible-unit/”>handicap accessible portable toilets</a> to <a href=”https://kerkstraservices.com/luxury-restroom-trailers/”>luxury restroom trailers</a>. Your budget and specific needs/desires will determine which option is the best for your event.

If you have never seen a luxury restroom trailer before, we encourage you to check them out! We have a wide variety of models to suit any size and style event. They have been so well received across West Michigan that we often hear that guests rave about the bathrooms as much as they do the food or entertainment. Impress guests at weddings, fundraisers, private parties, and community festivals. 


Once you know which style unit you’d prefer to have for your event, figure out how many you need. With regular portable toilets this is a pretty easy calculation if you know how many people to expect and how long the event will be. Use our handy table to determine how many porta potties you’ll need.

When using <a href=”https://kerkstraservices.com/portable-restrooms/event-restroom-trailers/”>luxury portable restrooms</a> though, it gets a bit more complicated. You can either size up to a bigger trailer for larger events or rent multiple smaller trailers. Typically, renters will only reserve multiple trailers if they need to space bathrooms out over a wide area, or if they want to reserve some bathrooms for special attendees – like having separate bathrooms for participants at an athletic competition or providing separate bathrooms for the wedding party at an outdoor wedding. In these scenarios having multiple restroom trailers allows a select group to get quick access to bathrooms. We have even seen music festivals where organizers have sold premium “VIP” access passes that include upgraded amenities like access to our <a href=”https://kerkstraservices.com/portable-restrooms/event-restroom-trailers/”>luxury restrooms</a>.


A reputable portable restroom company can recommend any add-on rentals that make sense for your event. Renting portable hand washing stations or free-standing hand sanitizer pumps is more popular than ever before. However, these are not the only add-ons that we offer. We also rent out added capacity tanks for portable toilets. These allow toilets to go longer between servicing for higher volume usage over weekend or week-long events.


Armed with information about which units you want to rent and how many you’ll need you can scope out availability with local <a href=”https://kerkstraservices.com/portable-restrooms/”>portable toilet suppliers</a>. Keep in mind that during busier times you may need to be flexible. Be willing to compromise on the types of units that you are willing to rent to accommodate your quantity needs for your preferred date/time. Luckily, the autumn is typically less busy than the summer. That means you’ll likely have more success renting portable toilets for fall events.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides <a href=”https://kerkstraservices.com/portable-restrooms/”>portable restroom service</a> across Michigan and <a href=”https://kerkstraservices.com/portable-restrooms/event-restroom-trailers/”>luxury restroom trailers</a> for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. Take a look at our <a href=”https://kerkstraservices.com/portable-restrooms/event-restroom-trailers/”>mobile restroom trailers</a> and request a quote today!