Renting Porta Potties for Sports Events

Whether you’re planning a large regional sports tournament or small-scale friendly match, you’ll need restrooms for the players and spectators. However, renting porta potties for sports events can be tricky. When and where they’ll need to be used can influence which types of units you should rent and how many you’ll need. Some sports venues have their own permanent restrooms that can be supplemented with porta potties. Others will need portable restrooms to service the entire event. When renting porta potties for sports events during any season, consider the following criteria:


When renting porta potties for sports events you will need to decide how many portable toilets to rent. Ensure that there will be enough for participants and spectators leading up to, during, and after the event. Use our handy calculator to determine how many portable toilets to rent for your sports event. As a general rule of thumb, you will need to rent 1 porta potty for every 50 guests for every 3 hours that the event will last. Remember, it’s always better to rent a few more units than you’ll need to avoid long lines and frustrated spectators. Where needed you can increase capacity by renting additional holding tanks for waste to allow units to go longer between service.


Climate-controlled restroom trailers are a better option for the cold fall/winter seasons. During hot summer months luxury restroom trailers are a great option for keeping users comfortable. This is especially important if the athletes are going to be changing before or after competing. Talk to your portable toilet supplier about this option.

Shield portable toilets from the wind. It’s impossible to predict what the weather will hold exactly. But, if the event is going to be held someplace that’s prone to higher winds, this will provide user comfort. This is another scenario when luxury restrooms provide significant benefits to fans. When porta potties are used, ensure they are placed in the sun to keep them as warm as possible. This may require renting additional units to spread them out into sunnier areas (rather than under the shade of trees).


For larger venues you’ll need to space out placement – putting them near parking lots, sports field/courts, and concessions. The goal is to provide easy access no matter where spectators are to offer convenience. This may require renting additional units or adding luxury portable restrooms to increase your footprint. Remember though to get permission before putting them on public land to avoid any issues.

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