Renting Porta Potties for Beginners

Looking to rent porta potties for the first time? You’ve come to the right place! We have a reputation for helping both experienced and amateur event planners rent the kind of facilities that will turn heads. Find out what you should be thinking ahead of time, what kinds of questions you should ask, and how we can provide the right portable toilets for your needs in our new Guide to Renting Porta Potties for Beginners:

Figure Out How Many You’ll Need

The first thing you’ll need to figure out is how many portable toilets you’ll need for you event.

Your needs will be determined by the number of guests and the duration of the event. Obviously, bigger events will require more bathrooms, but what most people forget is that longer events need more bathrooms as well. Unlike indoor functions that have regular plumbing, outdoor events use portable toilets that have a set capacity. Unless you plan to add-on supplemental tanks to increase holding capacity, or have the units pumped out during the event, you’ll need to rent more.

Use this handy renting porta potties for beginners chart to figure out approximately how many porta potties you should rent:

The next thing you’ll want to think about related to the number of toilets you’ll need to rent is where they will be placed. Placing bathrooms across wider area will require more units as well. Whether you plan to have multiple banks of toilets in different locations, or many individual restrooms spread out over the whole premises, you will want to increase your rental number to accommodate your plan. (If you’re not sure yet where they you’ll want them or need advice on where they should be placed, you can ask portable toilet suppliers when you discuss your needs with them.

Decide on Which Kind(s) You Want

In the portable restroom business, there are two main kinds of bathrooms – porta potties and luxury restroom trailers.

Porta potties come in standard units, handicapped accessible units, and elite units. These types of restroom options are the more budget-friendly option, but they lack the same amenities that restroom trailers provide. They are all stand-alone units and their primary function is restroom use.

Luxury portable restrooms, however, are chocked full of amenities like inside lighting, running hot/cold water, flushing toilets, and climate-controlled interiors. They are trailers that have multiple sections and stalls to accommodate larger events and are far more comfortable to use. These are far more aesthetically appealing and can be used for not only going to the bathroom but also getting ready, freshening up, and washing hands.

Your event needs and budget will likely dictate which of these options would be a better fit. If you have any questions, you can always ask your portable toilet supplier to explain the differences and make a recommendation. Depending on the event, it may make sense to utilize both types of portable restrooms. This is very common at rural or outdoor weddings. In this scenario porta potties are rented for guests and restroom trailers are rented for the wedding party to use. This provides a way for the wedding party to get ready and use separate facilities during the event.

Look for a Portable Bathroom Rental Company

Once you know what you want and how many you need, determine who you’ll use to service your event. Make a list of local providers and call or email each one to check availability for your date.

Inquire about pricing and determine if there’s a way to get more value for your budget. Sometimes a portable toilet supplier will let you have the units longer or deliver them earlier for a nominal upcharge. This may allow you to extend the length of your event. Other times, it is more cost-effective for them to deliver a different quantity than what you’re asking for. In that case, you can get additional units for only a small increase in price. Work with them to maximize your budget and get exactly what you want.

If they don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, give them a chance to suggest a substitution. During the busy summer months, it may be difficult to get what you want when you want it. Be open to selecting a different trailer style or renting multiple smaller trailers instead of one big one.

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