Quick Fixes for those Winter Wedding Woes

Winter weddings have a look and feel that just can’t be matched in any other season. However, sometimes the winter weather can make having a perfect day difficult! The last thing you want is to be scrambling on your special day to overcome any obstacles that arise, which is why it’s important to plan for anything that could go wrong. These are the most common winter wedding woes and some quick fixes to help you avoid disaster:

Temperatures Plunge

If you’re going to have your wedding outdoors (or in an unheated venue), you better plan to have heaters and covered areas for guests in case it gets colder than expected! The last thing you want is for your guests to be freezing and your wedding party to be huddled under jackets and blankets. Obviously, you don’t want to pay for items that you won’t end up using, but like the old saying goes “If you have it, then you won’t need it.” Hedge your bets by renting or buying everything that you’ll need to keep guests comfortable.

Venue is Unavailable

While booking your venue in the summer or autumn it might seem unthinkable that it could suddenly be unavailable on your wedding day, however this could happen if there’s a power outage or burst pipe. Ask your wedding venue in advance what kinds of contingency plans they have in place in case bad weather affects your plans. If they don’t have a backup plan, you should create one of your own! Look at what else is around that might be able to host your wedding ceremony and reception, and don’t limit yourself to traditional wedding venues like hotels and museums. In fact, your backup plan may be to bring the winter weather into your event by taking it outside! Consider having contact information for heated party tent and luxury restrooms rentals saved in case you need them at the last minute.

Weather Causes Travel Issues

Guests that are flying or driving in may have their travel plans canceled or changed due to the weather. Figure out how you’ll get the wedding party and your most important guests to the wedding even in the worst weather. Host guests that need to come into town early at your own home or have a bank of hotel rooms reserved for them to use. If you have a lot of guests coming from one location, you could always opt to charter a van or bus to bring them all together so that they don’t have to drive themselves in bad weather.

Photo Ops are Ruined

Plan to have a variety of different locations for photos in case one or more is unavailable. This is especially important if you plan to have photos taken outdoors because ice, snow, rain, or other seasonal vulnerabilities may put your dream photos in jeopardy. If you really have your heart set on having pictures taken in a certain location, you can choose to have them taken on a different day than the wedding if everyone’s formalwear is still available.

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