Potty Like a Rockstar: Outdoor Music Event Edition

Hosting an outdoor music event soon? Kerkstra has you covered! From single concerts to week-long music festivals and ongoing concert series, we have a large variety of options to ensure that your event goes smoothly.

Most concert goers simply expect to see a long line of standard porta potties. At Kerkstra, we are also able to provide luxury trailer options that feature running water, lighting, and multiple stalls. Selecting the right type and amount of restrooms is important for reducing bathroom wait times and increasing event satisfaction. Additional ways that luxury portable restrooms can improve your outdoor music event include:

Elevating Musician Experiences

Our luxury restroom trailers provide a comfortable space for any performing artists or bands to get ready before the show. While bigger name musicians typically have their own travel buses, many opening acts rely on the event organizer to provide their onsite amenities. Utilizing luxury portable restrooms provide top-tier amenities for artists anywhere where you want them, which is crucial for outdoor music events that have stages spread across a wide area. These units can supplement artists’ buses as well to provide additional onsite bathroom options.

Providing Guests with a VIP Experience

Looking for a way to distinguish ticket levels and encourage more VIP ticket purchases? Add luxury bathrooms as a ticket feature! Adding unlimited usage of a luxury restroom to the VIP experience is a great way to wow ticket holders. They really enhance the entire VIP experience! These bathrooms are perfect to use in conjunction with VIP lounges or bar areas for guests as well.

Offering Premium Amenities

Another way to boost event revenue is to charge for extra amenities such access to shower trailers. Offering shower access is popular for outdoor music festivals where attendees are camping for a couple days at a time. Providing festival goers with an option to freshen up after a day in the elements is typically popular among guests. Plus, because attendees may shower multiple times throughout the event, some music venues have even found showers to be more profitable than standard campsite fees!

Let Kerkstra Take Care of Your Outdoor Music Event Needs

Kerkstra Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. View all of our rental options and request a quote today!