Portable Toilets for Disasters & Emergencies

When disaster strikes or an emergency occurs, people have practical needs that need to be taken care of, like providing a place to go to the bathroom. Whether a home, business, or organization has been hit hard, portable toilets for disasters help people weather the storm. These are some of the most common emergency situations that require porta potties on site:

Broken Pipe

Plumbing failures require that the water be shut off to fix the issue. Portable toilets meet basic needs in the meantime . The water may be shut off for a while. But, this will depend on the location and severity of the broken pipe. In the meantime, bring in porta potties to give people a place to go to the bathroom. Whether it’s a business, church, or your home, portable toilets for disasters can help mitigate the impact of the problem.

Frozen Pipes

Much like a broken pipe, frozen pipes can make home or commercial plumbing unusable. The delay won’t be as lengthy if the pipes can thaw before they rupture. But if the pipes break, the delay can be longer. Either way, portable toilets like luxury restroom trailers reduce the uncertainty around the situation by keeping up “business as usual” even in cold winter months.

Sewer Backup

When a sewer backs up, the damage is going to take a long time to fix. There’s the plumbing repair work, clean up to remove hazardous materials, and then the restoration. While this work is being done, the companies involved will bring in restroom trailers. They provide a longer term solution for everyone involved.

Severe Storms

After heavy storms power outages and damage to structures can leave people without functional restrooms. Large banks of portable toilets can give people a place to go to the bathroom when their normal routines are disrupted. Cities, towns, and neighborhoods bring in these types of resources to help their communities. If you haven’t witnessed this firsthand, you’ve probably seen portable toilets used in this way on news reports.

Loss of Power

Power outages, especially prolonged outages, can devastate a region by failing people’s most basic needs. Hand sanitizer comes standard in porta johns these days. Toilets supplemented with hand washing stations keep things even more sanitary. When running water isn’t available, providing these basic necessities can keep people safe and maintain their dignity.


Flooding form natural disasters is a serious threat that can displace homeowners. When this happens, relief organizations step in and set up portable toilets at relief locations to assist with an influx of people. Cities and counties will bring in large quantities of portable toilets to keep shelter locations running smoothly.

Fire Damage

After a fire a portable restroom gives the homeowners or business owners a place to use the bathroom while they assess the damage and begin the cleanup. The volunteers and anyone else helping on scene will also need a bathroom to use while they put in their time. Even if another bathroom is available in close proximity (like at a nearby home or business) using a porta potty keeps the soot and smoke odor out of these permanent bathrooms.

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